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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Perpetual Scratchpad of Quick question Regarding Sodomy

Let's start compiling a list of questions we might have when face-scanners are totally reliable to out sodimates.

I would want to know how Sodomites are configured throughout all institutions and initially focus on matters of security and justice.  Do abusive police esp towards blacks highly correlate to Sodimates.  In all justice related institutions what number are at organizational policy making levels.

Also in health services esp as relates to retir=ement facilities.  What is the proportion attracted to psychiatry; to psychology.  Most especially if working in k-12   Mental Hospitals

Impact of Sodomites in education.  Are sodomites inherently unfair to non-sodomites.

Impact on business and banking....unions

Are there Religious organizations with prominent appearances of sodomites

Are their areas of whatever type organization in which very high concentrations appear
,for example real estate

Are sodomites reaching a dangerous level in the military (enough to stage a  military take-over for someone like Trump.

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