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Friday, August 16, 2019

Dispersing the Fogs of War - 3

As a Methodist I am extremely skeptical of secretive worship rites and goings-on.  Therefore, as President I will have no time for Prayer Breakfasts designed to preen the egos of the rich and powerful.  If you want to join in prayer with me, I recommend a local church bustling with children, youth, adults, and senior citizens.  Worship services, church suppers, etc., will be drawn from humble folk enjoying the glory of the Lord together.

You will not find me joining in any weird societies involving secretive initiations.  You will have me as I am, warts and all...pitch whatever fits you please.  Likewise, I invite all smut-minded gold diggers to have a field day.  If the Lord don't want me to be president, I won't be no matter how much blackmail payoffs I could muster--wait a minute...I may have a quarter in the bottom drawer...something even a greedy Scott will surely salivate over.

If you've seen one or two mob flicks you know that initiation rites affixing loyalty forever are common to ensure what goes for unconditional brotherhood in all types of shady shit.  Now why in God's name would rat-fuckers and sodomites at heart mount 13 year old females with witnesses in full view--answer--if you don't know, don yourself a dunce cap!!!

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