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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Come on now--What's the REAL issue here

During the depression era in America, hobo's sometimes with the cooperation of rail companies migrated to and fro across the country.  They often found people ready to hand to them out the kitchen door a sandwich to help assuage hunger.  This willing beneficence was based upon several important assumptions by both parties:  Basically, all assumed this assistance would not be open-ended.  The fact that I am willing to help you today should not imply limitless largess on my part.

In Ellis Island immigration, new comers were expected to ammodate American culture--most importantly that the default transactional and common emotive language in America would remain American English. In my view, what lies at the base of much anti-immigration sentiment is the implicit understanding that no Tower of Babel will ever form a coherent national family. Before one is allowed to sink roots in American soil, it should be public policy that the immigrating group will learn English post haste--and that every service provider in the new world will not be expected to servilely capitulate linguistically.  

God only knows, the kitchen table itself can seem to encompass a vast expanse. --"Please (pretty please) pass the bleeping ketchup!"