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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

No Let-Up on Game Zero Sum

In my last blog I included a video of the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago in which members of government police forces unleashed the power of the state against protesters.  I mentioned that a person lusting to be a great dictator could yearn for a nationwide panorama of such scenes as the “good ” Silent Minority could vent their anger on sleezeball trouble makers—either the lazy, ungrateful sleezeball type or the detested elite liberal type.

Let us consider what was in the news today.  Trump backhandedly scraped the divisive wound formed by division of the elites (often with college education) against the authentic simple folk just following the Lord—the religious right.  Trump wants all America to fill the pews on Easter.  And who on earth could be against that? Of course, the prominent elite scientists and professionals--all suggesting a replay of teenybopper angst and anger along battle lines of misconstrued science and legalistic religion. 

Next was that Senate bill for economic relief to be enacted to help relieve the dire economic stresses brought on by the illness sweeping America. All were pointing to a fast passage consummating this bi-partisan effort.    sUDdENLY A GROUP OF tRUMP rEPUBLICANS HAVE BECOME CONSCIENCE STRICKEN THAT THE LEAST AMONG US MAY GET PAID MORE THAN THEIR USUAL POVERTY WAGES DESERVE.  (……and I was beginning to wonder if the trump klan EVEN had a conscience!!)


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Talking Heads vs Great TV

Matthew 10:16-18 J.B. Phillips New Testament
He [Jesus] warns them of troubles that lie ahead

16-18 “Here I am sending you out like sheep with wolves all round you; so be as wise as serpents and yet as harmless as doves. But be on your guard against men. For they will take you to the court and flog you in their synagogues. You will be brought into the presence of governors and kings because of me—to give your witness to them and to the heathen.

A primary message of Jesus Christ was that at any level significant action based upon objectivity is good, while realpolitik stinks with dishonesty, hubris, and self-worship..  Practicality requires humility and objectivity to effectively answer questions and to plan development, execution, and control.  
Practicality is a huge part of the behavior of effective people everywhere. But realpolitik undercuts effective application with the huge betrayal of honesty underlying effective long-term committed relationships.   As Scripture says, “Here I am sending you out like sheep with wolves all round you; so be as wise as serpents and yet as harmless as doves. But be on your guard against men.”  The Christian is to be wise yet without betrayal of the simple truth co-joined with abiding personal integrity. This is possible only with the support and guidance of our Senior Partner--Great Creator. not a national crisis just what a would-be dictator lusts for?  Overnight "Law and Order" head-bashing once filling his (and his restive militias) far-off dreams now at last can put on bloody boots.  (It makes for great TV.) 


Monday, March 23, 2020

The Difference a Savior Makes

Noah and his family and representatives of all non-human creation survived the flood but all other humans perished—yet today the Silent Minority (let's get it straight) content within self-righteous, gloated racism can look forward to Easter intervention.  Therefore in God’s Country we all get second chances and AS A NATION WILL SURVIVE THE FLOOD—(fine print) EXCEPT FOR THOSE WHOSE TONGUES AND HEARTS ARE BOUND BY THE UNFORGIVABLE SIN.OF INSISTING IN WORD AND/OR DEED THAT THEY THEMSELVES ARE GOD.

Therefore, in the midst of tragedy the eternal hope and evolving reality of the New Order survives and prevails.




Saturday, March 21, 2020

Bombs Away !!!

Consider this graphic below from my last blog.  Graphic appeared in scene from the movie Evan Almighty.

The question is--in a larger context is LONG RESERVOIR a single individual or a Klan of individuals?  For me the term “Silent Majority” used in a political sense refers to a silent, sanctimonious group of the sid-vicious self-righteous always trigger-happy to torpedo riffraff like everyone else but their own precious selves.  For the Richard Nixon campaign this self-same sensitive Klan is readily associated with the "Southern Strategy" which was code for white supremacy and racism only dressed-up pretty to pass respectfully like.

But as I have mentioned LBJ was a Man’s Man Click Here,who did not even support Hubert Humphrey’s run President. In fact, he colluded with Nixon in the sabotage of the proposed Vietnam peace negotiations and covered his tracks with a chitchat with Everett Dirksen—duly recorded for posterity. [My surmise upon viewing The Vietnam War (Ken Burns, Lynn Novick) S1:E7 The Veneer on Civilization]

To put it as a question in the vernacular—which presidents regardless of party seemed to enjoy fucking young male fighting men and savored inciting division and hatred—endless dead-end double-downs that in addition to sodomizing youth and sowing discord wasted resources direly needed by the American Citizenry at home? During the Vietnam War, I could not escape the feeling (when one gets down to basics) that it was a fucking excuse to screw young American males and our American democracy itself with a rationale thinner than rabbit patch cabbage soup.

This choice selection of public servants  detested the grace and political appeal of the  Kennedy's.  Explain to me again the mystery of John-John's plane crash. Such a shame really...when you think about it.


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Riddle of the Day


To what extent is an immediate cause merely a backseat symptom of a far more menacing consortium of interstitial bonding's?  Someday we will be able to read all about it in physics 101.

Following Plague in Honor of a Truly Memorable Public Servant:

Please thumb through the following video and submit a 40 page in-depth analysis on my desk by 9:00 AM tomorrow SHARP.  (Enjoy!)


Beware of smoke-filled rooms.  The eye that see's all is not clouded by cherished abominations.


Sunday, March 15, 2020

Get Your Things Together...Your Stop Is Just Ahead !!!


Let's face it dudes around the world--the Innocent always suffer more than the purblind guilty who forever seem to screw up God's beautiful Blue-Marble Way-Station of joy and love.   We trust in God to lead us with a loving and--now and then inescapable--corrective hand--  "...And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil."



Thursday, March 12, 2020

When Mortals Play God

I have approached Self-Deification (“I appoint myself as a god and whatever I say is true simply because I said it”) as a form of sickness resulting from destructive alteration of the brain by alcohol or sodomy.  Perhaps at some point, Self-Deification BECOMES ITSELF addictive and progressively distorts the mind.  Complete self-centeredness in childhood is a passing phase that is largely tamed by the time of our hallowed kindergarten graduation.

America does well in respecting two of the basic human motivations—to be equal AND concurrently to be SPECIAL.  With our own individual nature in mind we can see that it is true that humans need to be empowered by equality and then in turn to bestow power on others through specialness (that blossom in each individual that they and only they can bring to flower.)

The difficulty in Self-Deification is that specialness translates in the warped mind as “I’m someone no longer merely equal with others – but I am by rights MORE EQUAL than others –meaning “I’m a cut above and make my OWN rules to play by (in whatever field I then may be tramping through)."

Mankind seems to produce a god-king (or Overlord) with one lurid light always flickering at tunnel's end— chiaroscuro's of stark raving madness staring back from haunted distorted mirrors.



Sunday, March 8, 2020

To Dr. Chun Yang ..with Bay Surgical Specialists

Turn your face away from the garish light of day
Turn your thoughts away from cold unfeeling light
And listen to the music of the night…
The Music of the Night.......Andrew Lloyd Webber

Dr. Chun Yang, MD
Bay Surgical Specialists
Saint Petersburg, FL

Doctor Yang thank you for helping me with your exceptional skill and kindness during my recent vascular surgery.  I know who you are by your patient-doctor relational integrity—certainly one conceived and nourished in love—and that your precipitous certified letter without one jot of explanation aborting our medical relationship IS NO WAY a person of your goodwill and compassion would have proceeded UNLESS UNDER SOME FORM OF DURESS—in my way of thinking of the especially acerbic sid-vicious variety.  Corporations who play an arbitrary and unfeeling god with customers are just as (or more) likely to do so with what they take to be their cannon fodder employees.    I will be praying for your entire staff and sometimes vulnerable customer base.  A “tight ship” in no way need be a slave ship.

Blessings on you and your fortunate family,
Wayne Standifer


Thursday, March 5, 2020

A Word of Warning

Don’t do as the Sodomites do....delight not in hyperventilating conspiracy theories.  On the contrary, make weaving such webs of intrigue the very last thing to accompany the stunning flames of insight.  Yet, we are to understand with Carl Sagan that science itself is a type of paranoia--but a good one.  We are to be thankful when a Winston Churchill  concludes with great conviction that a Hitler-lying-monster is very bad news.


Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Why Black Americans are True Americans

As usual Mr. Trump and his Sodomy Party projected their own dark psychology upon a major ethnic race within America and LOST BIG-TIME.  Trump was dead sure that if he poked at racial hatred enough chaos would erupt and the American majority cry for a GREAT LEADER--the obvious autocrat in waiting--Donald Trump.

Trump lost because of what I’ve encountered here in St Petersburg again and again.  When I have spoken with my black family here, the most volatility I could get to erupt from a supposedly seething soul about Trump were chuckles, shaking of the head, and COMMENTS LIKE “WE MUST PRAY FOR HIM.”  Such soil holds little promise for a seething stew of violence and hatred.  Of course, my family here would like to see greater justice, but this NEVER has nor will imply a free lunch for everybody.  

And while I’m on the subject of black Americans, I don’t give a shit what Madison Avenue marketing wants me to buy—the black males I know never give a millimeter on this fact (and they say it as a given and obvious fact)  MALES should NEVER lie with MALES.  (Though as I have mentioned before, rare and private displays with male peers....fellow maturing considered normal and acceptable—sort of an open-secret-awareness shared among loving parents.  At this stage of maturation (a stage of mutual masculine reinforcement), it is a huge mistake to consider this a foreboding track leading to homosexuality (in fact it leads to the opposite).  It may well be that the spiritual vitality and integrity of black males generally may be this certitude that MALE ON MALE sex is entirely and forever out of the question.

Can you think of a better snapshot of love, peace, and the American Family enjoying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  What characterizes a central load-bearing beam of democracy just happiness to plumb the depths of human needs and desires.
(Photo from Netflix Babies Part 1 Ep 1.)


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Benign Neglect of Physical Laws Will Bite You in the Butt

Sodomy Pride

America has embraced the perversion of unnatural sexual relations and called it good without appropriate validation by the hard sciences.  Let us have such a study and have the guts to do the right thing on the other side.


Sunday, March 1, 2020

Oopsy Daisy !!! Fool's Gold and Heaven's Streets of Gold Assay Differently

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1 NIV)

(Need we remind ourselves that humanity can jabber many words...but jabbering words and the Word don't really equate.) 

The Lord says...:

They worship me in vain; / their teachings are merely human rules
Therefore once more I will astound these people
with wonder upon wonder;
the wisdom of the wise will perish,
the intelligence of the intelligent will vanish.”
Woe to those who go to great depths
to hide their plans from the Lord,
who do their work in darkness and think,
“Who sees us? Who will know?”
You turn things upside down,
as if the potter were thought to be like the clay!
Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it,
“You did not make me”?
Can the pot say to the potter,
“You know nothing”?

Isaiah 29:13-16

(Septuagint, NIV)