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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Motherhood, Apple Pie, and Employee Justice

Part of My Childhood DNA---But What a Dry-cleaning Bill !!!

My campaign focuses on two unacceptable preventable horrors for far too many Americans--the recurrent mayhem of alcohol and the painful betrayal of American “cannon fodder employees.”  It is my conviction that a recital of mathematical statistics avoids reality rather clarifying it for compassionate Americans.  Alma Sarett  (co-author of Basic Principles of Speech 4th Edition (Sarett/Sarett/Foster)) was my college speech professor who in a brief minute or two in front of class reported that a speech regarding a region’s grinding poverty was a blunted instrument of math class abstraction until the speaker described a little child in a tattered dress seated in the doorway of a crumbling tar-paper shack. HEED THIS WARNING: my campaign will never morph into an abstract math class while blood spreads upon the asphalt pavement following a DUI vehicular homicide of a family of four (as happened in my home town).

Cannon Fodder as too often applied to soldiers:

“Cannon Fodder soldiers: soldiers regarded merely as material to be expended in war.” (NOAD, 2010, 2016)

Expendable: that may be expended; regarded as not worth preserving or saving; not normally reused; unimportant, able to be sacrificed to achieve an object.

“.….In a war anything can be expendable—money or gasoline or equipment or most usually men.” (SOED, 2007).


Our current sad example of a monied overlord is Donald Trump whose ground of being is ultimately his gold/& power and himself.  

There are those who are only too glad to mow down people in a crime scene by misnomer called “business.”  In the name of “business” (It’s just business, they claim) there is no limit to the perfidy possible against the innocent.

I intend to take a very close look at those who claim with great self-righteousness…it’s only business…while shafting conscientious employees who perhaps for years brought value to an organization and gave it a future. To mention just a few “fall guy” dirty tricks of perversion: a bank office approves a loan due solely due the pressures he is receiving from his bosses above him.  When the loan extended goes sour--it is the lower level loan officer who gets shafted while the big guys share a smug chuckle. Another example: the highly competent administrative assistant is intentionally given an outrageous overload of tasks that would be impossible for anyone to accomplish. The big guys sadly shaking their heads claim she is “not up to her job.” While anxiety can be Machiavellian in the front office, in the yard it can shed any attempt at subterfuge as straw bosses lay down contradictory demands.

The basic problem here is that these overlord criminal butchers of employees know that cannon fodder people often feel helpless--even unworthy of help. It is my determination to see the end of such fetid and unjust demigods who engage in phony “business” exploitative quackery. Third-party review of firings is essential for simple fairness.

It is time for America to demonstrate for the world God’s intended robust, creative--even organic--benefactor of justice and abundance-- capitalism--replete with human equality and mind-blowing talented specialization.

Allied in Many More Ways than One

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

What Do I Really Think? (A Fireside Chat to Excuse My Duplicity)

Some of the issues I will now address I have mentioned before…and some who would otherwise like to support me feel unease that I demonstrate the all-too-familiar image of a politician speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

First I would like to return the favor and suggest you likely sometimes speak this way too.  Connie and I are in a sense blissfully happy as a married couple.  (I dare anyone who is married to claim not to know why I include the qualifier “in a sense.”)  You will seldom find a couple more “on the same page” as Connie and me---yet, I find myself sometimes violating fundamental values I personally staunchly affirm. For example, as Jesus found some activities within the temple had grown blasphemous, I have very high standards for the role of government, and in my view, the poor-man’s-casino of a lotto window on every street corner IS NOT ONE OF THEM!!!   Yet, some days Connie will ask me—just before I run into a store to get a needed item—to pick up three lotto tickets (as she hands me the money).  So in a few minutes before God and everybody I stand at the counter complicit in turning government into the false god of Lady Fortune.

My first point is simple--as in a family—as in a larger society one’s personal values cannot be applied strictly and universally in each and every case.  Despite this, I have no trouble voicing at any time to anyone my strong belief that government has no business being a poor-man’s-casino.

This applies to how I personally feel (I use the word “feel” intentionally) about abortion as an afterthought remedy for pregnancy.  In my view both the unborn child and the mother are due the consideration of dignity and respect.  I’m not comfortable assuming a child is solely sexually conceived and totally absent any purpose on the part of our Creator. I like to think that all children--born and unborn--are created by God and not created solely by we ourselves.  

Likewise my views on sexuality are complicated because of my belief that part of the successful maturation process at least for males is occasional explicit same-sex identity encounters and reinforcement during the early years...later to be followed by only implicit identity with males while the sexual act itself is reserved to be shared only with the opposite sex.  (As long as society does not recognize this process, those youth who refuse to lie like the hypocritical other craven cowards can come to feel they must be gay—even at age 13!)  But again, as I’ve said before sexual development is subject to many variables.  It could be tremendously cruel and hurtful to legislate based upon speculation rather than exhaustive scientific findings. (It is my hope that America can make a significant contribution in exploring objectively what has historically been treated as a forbidden taboo.  This will, however, probably take many years to approximate completion.) 

The examples above illustrate one reason why you can perceive I talk out of two sides of my mouth—what I adamantly hold personally may be nontransferable to society at large due to my reluctance to appear priggish or--a much more serious matter--my moral obligation to avoid inflicting personal pain on others.

Another reason I can thus talk with in-your-face duplicity is sometimes I change my mind.  For example though I am certain that guns and healthcare need serious further policy development, these are issues with a vast array of possible intended and unintended consequences.  Unfortunately, sometimes I am not fully aware of an option’s hurtful effects until I try it on for size—thus, choices can incur inherently transient commitments despite my best efforts efforts to avoid trial and error inefficiencies. This too can be an experience you have encountered—and that you too unfortunately find incurs additional financial costs as well a widespread reputation for flat-out bonehead stupidity.  

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Let Us Reason Together

Yesterday I ran an errand to a major chain grocery store and then swung by a nationally known drug store. The alcohol prevalence—even dominance—in and around public entrance-ways is extremely depressing to me.  It shows no less than in-your-face arrogance to push this drug at the very nascent threshold of our understanding of the drug’s profound structural effects upon the brain.  Why do we so facilely assume that a temporary buzz is the fleeting effect rather than profound and permanent interference with healthy perception?  Following link discusses the human body and alcohol in a brief 16 frame slide-show:

But, of course, for a four-year-old child the above will provide too much information. I suppose our little man will just have to make-do living every day with his two adult alcoholic parents.

In my campaign for president, I do not intend to have hundreds of participants in town-hall meetings.  I intend to provide an intimate space for victims to share with us in our private living rooms via television the unadorned pain of alcohol.  (On other occasions, individuals will share what it’s like to be a cannon-fodder employee in America.)  It’s my assured belief that an ounce of reality will upend a billion dollars of propaganda.  You see, I trust the American people to distinguish fact from fiction.  And I have no doubt whatever that my trust will be vindicated Election Day.

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Reality Check Way Back

I would not have you confused.  Some--noticing the ethical and spiritual bent to my writings--may be convinced I have misconstrued God’s calling in my life—perhaps maybe I more appropriately should seek a role in the church, maybe as an occasional guest minister of the Word..  I can understand you’re thinking…but you are dead wrong!  I have had over the years numerous independent human connected confirmations that God wants me to be President.

While quite otherwise deeply engaged in the world today, I encountered a reminder affixed to a door that the matter of employee human rights has been a heavy divine concern for decades. And He very clearly wants me to help lead in effectively addressing the shame-side of what self-obsessed henchmen refer to falsely as “capitalism”—whereas in fact true capitalism is an essential gift from God and a blessing for us all.

(When—may I ask—will I hear Business Leadership denounce Trump as lawless thug rather than an exemplary product of business education? Shame upon your chicken-shit silences politically correct professors and timid business leaders!  Do you not yet know why a truth-loving God has bequeathed to us ALL capitalism?)

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Be Sure and Catch the Matinée

As a young man I had multiple people with kind and good intentions advise me to “Get out of my shell.”  This needed advice never seemed to include how precisely it was to be done. At that stage in my life I was drawn to undercover fictional types--people who did not wear their assets on their sleeves. Miss Marple was a favorite.  Arrogant criminals would come to regret their facile dismissal of a “delicate and elderly little old village lady.”  I mentioned the other day that as surely as Lincoln freed the blacks, the blacks freed  me—this applies especially to those I now know and have known personally.  

But let’s face it, at a certain “young and restless” age we guys want to at least in our own minds fancy that we exude our share of testosterone radioactivity, a hint of dangerous risk taking, and--despite all this--a brash but sweet dose of empathy.  A man’s-man quarterback when I was as youth was Joe Namath. In advertisements he sold men’s aftershave--for men who wanted to be more like (closer to) him.  In other words guys, no-nonsense marketing statisticians understand that males can have the hots for males--at least subliminally we have to admit that football tights make one hell of a statement as we lesser guys sit shoulder to shoulder (and a little too pudgy) in our man-cave.  It is my speculation that due to the importance of mirroring in character maintenance and development, nature adds a touch of virtual hormonal sealant to ensure a memorable piggy-back transference of more abstract but vital ideation.  

If you’ve visited a number of my blogs, you understand my male idol is/was Eddie Murphy.  I find his creative comic riffs masterful, his exorbitant passions solidly fixed upon mutual love of caring people, and his roles in the movies I’ve seen (a thousand times) profoundly ethical in totally non-priggish ways.

Carl Jordan, who gave me the “Little Joke” schematic made sure I saw three films with him while I sat in an adjacent theater seat--Jesus of Nazareth, Beverly Hills Cop I, and The Golden Child. 

I wish to address here The Golden Child--a movie planted within my ken well before its time of usefulness to me.  When originally seeing it with Carl, I didn't like it at all--and I’m sure he knew I wouldn’t because of soupy and cloying incense scenes. (I read where Murphy considered it "shitty" but not as to abundant box office revenue.)  But today I find the movie and its lessons remarkably relevant.  If God helps fully ignite my run for the presidency, then while doing interviews I’m to focus on the Main Thing--individuals hurting in America--and to not be complicit in Ego Spit-Shine salons of self-involved public pretty boy chatter-boxes.

Further, I am to understand a few rules are made to be broken.  Most certainly Americans will have nothing of a Twilight Zone robotic president however deific because that precludes essential human community--a golden characteristic of America culture. God will intentionally induce uncertainty by the way of tests--that is, I am to understand some rules are made to be broken and that only a heart of authentic love will recognize which ones.  The example that comes to mind is God’s command that Abraham slay his son on an altar of sacrifice.  It is my contention that though Abraham raised the knife above his son, there is no way that Abraham could have gone further and thrust the knife into the vital engine of his life.  As mentioned in a previous blog, if God chose to command each and every one of us to lobotomize our children before serving ham and eggs tomorrow morning; only those dry shells of a parent with no knowledge whatever of love would do so. So though your President is chosen to help end cruel suffering in the land, he of necessity can never glide through on autopilot because the America people are the Real Deal and form a jury not to be fooled by hipster hype.  

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Reparations Derby

My dear friends, let us face the fact that sometimes our sense of justice can be overpowering—for example, after waiting our turn in a long line some self-important bully butts in front of us. We burn even though we know that our sense of justice itself can be an ever-looping curse from hell.

No group of people will ever have an ounce of energy for creative goodwill if they fixate on personal transactional ledger-sheets of tit-for-tat favors and affronts.  Such behavior is so taxing partly because a cesspool stupor will haunt the many problematic aspects of prejudicially perceived equivalence.  

I agree that the sin of slavery is open-ended—yet forgive me when I pause to remark that the pain suffered upon the death of a white Yankee’s son, husband, or father during the War is also open-ended. After some awful things in our lives, we must decide to affirm and “live for” death or flat-out resume life with a determination to find joy and renewed generosity even if that means we must discount our awful--even in some sense, cherished--pain (sort of like when due to lack of space we must trash photos of mom as a young girl). 

Have not we all loaned something of value to others on the promise of return by date certain--yet never gotten it back?  At that point we find the wisest approach is to deliberately decide not to allow bad feelings to consume our lives—often as a sort of backdoor forgiveness saying to oneself—“I remember never returning my best friend’s baseball cards when we were kids—and probably those meant more to him then than the money I loaned out ever will.”  I don’t mean to trivialize the profundity of pain, but isn’t something like this truly how often we finally come “to be OK with it..” after a serious loss?

Obviously I am not enthusiastic over racial reparations.... though I have no justification for my not feeling deep guilt over the sins of the South even though I am  Southerner. 

Yesterday, Connie and I were shopping at Walmart in Palmetto.  As usual, we went our separate ways in the store.  In the mop and broom aisle I took keen interest in the display of dustpans.  I wanted a good heavy one with a sturdy handle that would not easily tilt and pitch back onto the floor what I had just swept up. A young black male employee restocking nearby asked if he could help. He left to do a price check scan on a dustpan that fit the bill.  He returned reporting a price of $18—not too much for one like me especially talented at re-sowing swept-up trash.   I thanked him and he replied “…Anytime boss.”  I said, “Tell you what…I’ll be your boss if you’ll be my Five-Star General.”  With smiles all round we clinched the deal.

If I were his father, I’d be very proud that I had a son so pro-active in service.  Matter of fact, it would be drop-dead neat if the next time we meet in response to his "Thank you" to me;  I respond "….Anytime boss.”  Whereupon he promptly replies, “My pleasure Mr. President.”



Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Most Tragic of Civil Wars

According to Einstein, “cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research”. In his opinion, the goal of a scientist should be to try to begin to understand the universe. Einstein had a deep feeling of awe [see Note near end of blog] in front of nature and the universe and he believed that “strenuous intellectual work and the study of God’s Nature are the angels that will lead me through all the troubles of this life with consolation, strength, and uncompromising rigor” (letter to Pauline Winteler, 1897).  (Source)


Here's what strenuous intellectual work and uncompromising rigor mean to me.

It really begins and ends with ruthless honesty.  When every motivation this side of truth is shouting inside your head to escape ever-which-way into comfortable ignorance, your better angels root for you to grab the pants of truth like a CHURCHILL bulldog and not let go until it yells Hallelujah!

Many stories are told about how truth can succumb to the blatant greed and selfishness of special interests—forget such imbeciles for a moment and focus on your own moments of significant thought.  Have you ever quite intentionally anesthetized your intellectual rigor and chose complacency over intellectual honesty.  Maybe you're thinking only truth certified by GRAFF's in New York meets a truth standard you care to associate with.   When Jesus affirmed "the least of these," let us apply this respect for the least of factual truth as well.

Let us be done with that Hubris Pride which gets off waging Civil War against precious truth within ourselves.

I associate AWE with WONDER.  Think of the face of a child who while at play happens upon the emergence of a butterfly from a cocoon.  There is a moment of rapt attention when labeling and categorizing are held in abeyance while the experience itself floods perception.  In this magic moment before pigeonholing of the experience begins, one can say that the purest form of objectivity occurs…and the greatest possibility of fresh insight.  The following blogs deal with wonder:

Thanks George Lucas

Saturday, June 1, 2019

You Want Entertainment?.....Are You Absolutely Sure?

God honors earnest players.  I believe this to be an absolutely true observation.  Some would say that’s a dubious conclusion because hard workers would always fare better anyway.  It is my contention that God (our Senior Partner) actively assists us with His Creativity in order to augment our own efforts when we work (as the Bible says) in Jesus’ name.

Sometimes I find myself wishing that Axel Foley enlivened Capitol Hill.  I think there is an urgent need to nakedly trust the American People--so much so that one can proceed with full confidence and assurance that Americans will forgive anything in their leaders but craven cowardice—a cowardice that avoids unpleasant facts to the extent of undermining individual and social integrity.

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