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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Reality Check Way Back

I would not have you confused.  Some--noticing the ethical and spiritual bent to my writings--may be convinced I have misconstrued God’s calling in my life—perhaps maybe I more appropriately should seek a role in the church, maybe as an occasional guest minister of the Word..  I can understand you’re thinking…but you are dead wrong!  I have had over the years numerous independent human connected confirmations that God wants me to be President.

While quite otherwise deeply engaged in the world today, I encountered a reminder affixed to a door that the matter of employee human rights has been a heavy divine concern for decades. And He very clearly wants me to help lead in effectively addressing the shame-side of what self-obsessed henchmen refer to falsely as “capitalism”—whereas in fact true capitalism is an essential gift from God and a blessing for us all.

(When—may I ask—will I hear Business Leadership denounce Trump as lawless thug rather than an exemplary product of business education? Shame upon your chicken-shit silences politically correct professors and timid business leaders!  Do you not yet know why a truth-loving God has bequeathed to us ALL capitalism?)

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