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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Me and My Shadow

I have mentioned in a previous blog the dramatic change that often occurs when we shift from a long-term situation to one we perceive as immediate, short term, filled with exigencies.  Often when we have a “rocky” relationship with others we are really operating from dramatically different perceived resource environments.  That is to be expected.  What is NOT in line with reason is fixation on one game theory paradigm and idiosyncratically twisting reality and all rules thereof to snap-close the inquiring mind.  Sodomites like to twist everything to a zero-sum game . 

Say 5 adults are served a rather small medium pizza to be cut and shared among all seated at table.  In this situation with 5 hungry Klansmen and one paltry pizza, one would almost be inhuman not to exercise keen interest in getting one’s share. 

But the sodomite since NEVER putting the future in God’s loving and caring hands  (In God we trust) and trusting only in himself to judge and accomplish all things, he USES THE ZERO-SUM MODEL IN ALL Instances—even if he owns a pizzeria franchise with 2,000,000 pizza’s in ready inventory.  Facts mean nothing to a Sodomite whose zero-sum perception ipso facto defines every inch of reality.  (Again I warn my friends, sodomy activity comes with a freight-load of third dimension spiritual implications.  God is monotheistic and belches out of his creative garden those who strut around playing god.)


Monday, February 24, 2020

Church Hanky-Panky in the Finance Office

We need understand the church processes much more gold than widow mites. And the nifty thing about this—as I’m sure the Russian Thugs can tell you too—is that the American People out of fear of the Dark State makes dead-ringer sure the church is protected against outside government auditing, verification and review.  What’s really cool is that the church—an obvious advocate of the principles enunciated by Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount Beatitudes and the cherished Golden Rule—makes it clear that the church is free to follow its conscience in most financial matters.  As Ronald Reagan once reminded us:  it’s a wise thing in human affairs where temptations may arise (maybe money???) to TRUST BUT VERIFY.  So, at this point we have Russian Thugs and their brother Sodomites world-wide on their hands and knees raising hallelujahs to the American People’s provision that tons of Dirty Money regularly get washed in the blood of the Lamb.  Ah, salvation for THUG MONEY at last.  Deposit the scarlet green in a hot-shot church building fund paying quite satisfactory interest then popping out on demand substantial withdrawals clean as a whistle.  The American obsession with the evil of government and the virtue of the cloth once again hits the jackpot.

Listen up Sinners....While There's Time

Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Short and Sweet Version of Holy Shit

The Short and Sweet Version of Holy Shit

Once a preacher childishly was shocked to learn that loving the Lord required much more than Christian humility.  Upon landing where the Lord had sent him, he learned that the denomination's mob bosses had a little off the books ceremony to assure loyalty (as Trump would define it).  Of course this involved a little sexual ceremony that would ruin him if disclosed.  This brave little minister simply would not sodomize others. They offered him a teaching position, but he was sure the Lord had called him to ministry.  To her dying day his wife recalled the sarcasm dripping from the announcement that they had "scoured the state" before determining he was the perfect fit for the job in a child orphanage community.

But that ain't all, photos on my father over time plainly reveal that though he would not sodomize (which if committed would have left his face alone while hardening his heart--willing to "pull the trigger" on wimps otherwise known as saints) he was by threat of extortion forced to be sodomized.  As only half the ceremony was done during rituals, within 5 years of connection he developed faggot facial characteristics--features quite absent from photo's taken some five years earlier at Union Theological Seminary. All clearly indicative of the criminality of forced sex in a workplace environment.  (Yes, my campaign for the presidency will uncover a shitload of basic surprises. We will learn that corruption in the bedroom can lead like a trash chute to corruption in finances.)

All White Collar Deviants -- God Welcomes You to the MISSION FIELD:

In a  few brief months United Methodist will need to determine their position on sodomy--the default position will endorse sodomy as sublimely hunky dory.  To opt out of sodomy (the Biblical view) ONE MUST break off from The United Methodist Church and enter a brand new denomination for those insisting on a view faithful to the Bible.  Well, now we can better see how Methodist clergy are hip on the modernist view. 

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Methodist Must Read--The Forces of Darkness Are Hunching Our Butts...STAND TALL NOW OR LOSE IT FOREVER !!!

Save our Church from spiritual and sexual perversion into the dark arts of God's greatest enemy who from time immemorial has been the very essence of rebellion and evil criminality !!!    Read on......


The Lost Book: The Wesleyan Quadrilateral Conundrum

There was great joy in Israel during the days of King Josiah (2 Kings 22-23).  The lost book of truth had been found!
Truth is of utmost importance.  But, it’s not enough to simply claim truth.  It’s important to critically reflect on how we come to know that our “truth” is really true.  Through a recent conversation, a theological principle known as the Wesleyan Quadrilateral or the Methodist Quadrilateral was brought to my attention.  I had briefly heard of it before in passing, but this time it sort of grabbed me.  It in a sense became the centerpiece of the conversation I was having and has continued tumbling over in my mind.
Wesleyan-QuadrilateralThe “Wesleyan Quadrilateral” is a phrase coined in the 1960s by Albert C. Outler in a collection of Wesley’s works he edited simply entitled John Wesley.  It was Oulter’s way of synthesizing and summarizing the founder of the Methodist movement’s way of doing theology.  He recognized that Wesley appealed to four sources of knowledge:  Scripture, tradition, reason, and experience.  Scripture points to the sixty-six books of the Bible.  Tradition is the general understanding and practice the church has employed over the years.  Reason is the conclusions gained through our intrinsic critical thinking faculties.  Experience is the real life encounter with the world around us.
I certainly use these sources of knowledge to come to know truth and assume that you do as well.  So, this description is very good sociology, as it expresses how people usually arrive at theological truth.  However, what seems to have gotten lost over the years, particularly among Wesley’s theological lineage, is the authority structure contained within.  In a sense, the Book has been lost.
As I understand John Wesley, Scripture to Wesley, and rightly so, had the complete pride of place.  It was to be the authority by which all our other sources of knowledge—tradition, reason, experience—were measured.  I believe that Wesley was happily in line with the Reformation cry of sola scriptura, which was shorthand for the belief that Scripture alone is authoritative for the faith and practice of the Christian.  Scripture is to build our tradition, train our reason, and help us make sense of our experience.  It would be best illustrated as this way:
Wesleyan Quadrilateral-Flow-1
So, if our tradition doesn’t square with the Scripture, we must adjust our tradition so that it does.  If our reason doesn’t jive with the Scripture, we must learn to think how God thinks.  If our experience points to something contrary to Scripture, we must recast our experience to fit with biblical revelation and faith.
However, we as sinful humanity are so tempted to subvert and supplant Scripture.  We often want to put Scripture on the same level as tradition, reason, and experience so that it is just one of the ways we come to truth.  In doing so, as many have proffered, the Wesley Quadrilateral actually becomes the Wesleyan Equilateral like this:
Wesleyan Quadrilateral-Flow-2
Interestingly, Outler, who coined the Wesleyan Quadrilateral phrase, later greatly regretted it for this very reason, saying, “”There is one phrase I wish I had never used: the Wesleyan Quadrilateral. It has created the wrong image in the minds of so many people and, I am sure, will lead to all kinds of controversy,” (Good News Magazine, Jan-Feb 2005).  As one author states, “The problems he anticipated come when the Quadrilateral is seen as ‘equilateral,’ and all four ‘sources’ for authority and decision-making are seen as equally weighted.  This was not Outler’s intent nor Wesley’s method.  Rather, Scripture is to be viewed as the centerpiece from which the other sources are suspended,” (citation).
But, seldom do we stop there.  Again, in our depravity, we are so tempted to subvert and supplant Scripture such that tradition, reason, and experience become our authorities over Scripture as illustrated below:
Wesleyan Quadrilateral-Flow-3
People who do this will still usually claim to believe the Bible and love the Bible, but their understanding of the Bible has been severely contorted by their other authorities.  And, depending upon the situation, they’ll turn to their authority of choice.  If tradition gives credence to their fancy and the spirit of the age, then they’ll turn to tradition.  If reason, then they’ll turn to reason.  If experience, then they’ll turn to experience.   Whatever authority will do their bidding, they’ll claim it.  In the end, they have unanchored themselves from the stability God meant for them to have connected to the authority of the Word of God and will be adrift at sea, carried about by whatever their fallen hearts desire.  They will sadly become like Israel in the days of the judges when each person to their great shame simply did what was right in their own eyes (Judges 17:6).  Those who do so today will declare that they are acting thus in hopes following Jesus more closely but all the time will be getting increasingly further from Him.
Let’s get one thing clear:  although the Wesleyan Quadrilateral is emphasized greatly in Methodist and Wesleyan churches, this isn’t just a problem of the Methodist and Wesleyan churches.  Fallen people have been striving to subvert and supplant God’s Word since the Garden of Eden.  We must be ever vigilant against this catastrophic disease!  There is only one cure:  like King Josiah and Israel, we must rediscover the Scripture and do according to all that is written concerning us (2 Kings 22:8-23:25).  Love the Word, study the Word, live the Word, stand on the Word, and then never lose the Book again!
~Ben Simpson  :( Source )
  @JBenSimpson  :  :  West Main Baptist Church

What If Martin Luther Was No Dummy?

----as well as many generations before and since (...certainly you are not suggesting that sodomy rights are not a valid concern for bleeding heart liberals in the new dashing USA.)

Implications in our time for the dark craft of Sodomy

And organizations with financial incentives to impair health:

Case #1
Old folk's facilities with high non-refundable entrance fees.  Such institutions have the incentive of substantial resident turnover through death, level-of-care escalations, or volunteer exit of the well-heeled that would provide new independent resident facilities for rent to fresh recruits. (Just another form of cannon fodder mayhem--a tiresome ditty from the new crop of phony capitalists). Such institutions could be expected to have a high rate of Sodomite employees and a method to routinely confirm the candidates membership in the forbidden and unnatural dark arts. 

Thanks Again for your insights ML.



Symptomatic \of Alternate States of Human Perception

My dear friends we have laughed at the comic genius of Eddie Murphy.  Above we see Tom Hanks (within movie trailer) demonstrating that love with all its situational imperfections anchors us like nothing else--certainly not the viciousness of cannon fodder employment practices nor the alcoholic rendering of brain structure. Let us care in words and deeds about the dignity inherent in due process and third party review for all employees beginning with the most humble and let us accept science when it tells us that alcohol is the insidious destroyer of the human brain and healthy perception.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

OK Boss !!

My personal adviser for many years now insists that it is essential for me to “clean up my act” in terms of rhetoric.  His advice over the years has proven wise and effective.  I have learned in some respects to view him as a boss to obey rather than mere talking head to Google.  Accordingly, as of today I commit to be more respectful and considerate in acts of communication.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Concerning American Politic Politics

Long before many American knew how Donald Trump would be in keeping promises, they voted for him his first run..  The plain fact is they liked him as he inspired some measure of hope.

They liked  him because he represented a trait most Americans regard with high respect—a man who with the BARK OFF has his say no matter what dinner party censors may think about it in the VIP lofty lounge (which with 100% certainty will NOT BE GOOD).

So to beat Trump let’s match the bastard with shock and awe!  WE need a feisty flea bitten mutt willing to rake dirt over the hearts of these sissy-shit Dobermans and make their loosie-juicy droppings marinade their gizzards for a minimum of 1000 years.

Beware of Deadly Deceit

Beware of Deceit for deceit is Treason to life, to human health, and to our Creator.  As I cannot repeat often enough, normal human sexuality when lied about opens a trap door into all kinds of horrors.

And the sad thing is male sexual experiences in fantasy both awake and asleep are well-neigh universal.  The laws of God and of Nature yet are plainly evident—man-on-man sex is EXCLUDED and must not be done. Labels mean NOTHING whatever when divorced from spiritual reality.

If you are in some such secret society, my advice is to leave it at once. Love your children and children unborn at least as much as you enjoy the ego boost of forbidden sodomy.



Thursday, February 13, 2020

Sodomite Structure and Behavior --Blasphemous and Lethal

Sodomy is FAR MORE THAN sex organ positioning. It involves invisible forces and power relations in direct opposition to monotheistic religions [Judaism, Islam and Christianity]. --For example, sodomite atheists would turn the tri-layered Holy Pyramid on its head as a form of Blasphemy.  (It would be a Sid-Vicious organization that children of God find unkind and downright mean and vicious--there would of course be attempted shows of slick veneer.) Load-bearing power structure is an internally vacant pyramid plainly indicating that rule begins with the despot on top..   Thus Trump sees himself as "the only one" and Barr's rancor at trump today was entirely at the decision and pleasure of Trump alone. 

If the Sodomites don't want you around a nifty way to kill you is by having you dosing off at the wheel of a moving car (several dramatic times for me in Saint Petersburg and after a Police Stop Sodomoite Intimidation Episode in north Florida). 

It is my hope that we will be able through science to free the Sodomite captives enabling them to join the loving community of God.  God's children will not tolerate getting screwed by any organization.  At the same time, we seek spiritual freedom and true equality for all and an end to despotism.

During my presidential campaign, I will not flinch at addressing basic fundamentals--as I have declared I would not do from the first.  


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

False News??? By the Ton

I just can’t wait for facial recognition software can you?  *(following quotations from Wikipedia)

Let us speculate a surprise or two computer facial recognition of sodomites might reveal.
The Donald and friends show us Wolf Pack behavior nice little boys and girls could never have in their wildest dreams imagined.
Let’s take LBJ as a candidate for Wolf-In-Chief..  Interesting that JFK, MLK, and Robert Kennedy (all people who wanted to help the poor..with no BS) bit the dust during his Wolf Pack Reign.  And the official investigations often seemed guided as if by an invisible hand:

Role in JFK assassination investigation
Katzenbach has been credited with providing advice after the assassination of John F. Kennedy that led to the creation of the Warren Commission.[11] On November 25, 1963, he sent a memo to Johnson's White House aide Bill Moyers recommending the creation of a Presidential Commission to investigate the assassination.[11][12] To combat speculation of a conspiracy, Katzenbach said the results of the FBI's investigation should be made public.[11][12] He wrote, in part: "The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin; that he did not have confederates who are still at large".[12]

Four days after Katzenbach's memo, Johnson appointed some of the nation's most prominent figures, including the Chief Justice of the United States, to the Commission.[11][12] Conspiracy theorists later called the memo, one of thousands of files released by the National Archives in 1994, the first sign of a cover-up by the government.[11][12]

Well thank God he was one hell of a Statesman for civil rights.  Yet, why do the wolves keep on fanatically yelping that their great leader never observed that the racists of the south would be delivered to the Republican Party on a silver platter for years to come?.  Looks like the good ol' "double down" to me.

Wow, it's a relief to, know that our great leader was a “Man’s Man” who rode the range looking for that one special little filly with stunning beauty

Lyndon Johnson had affairs with multiple women, in particular with Alice Marsh (nÊe Glass) who assisted him politically.

(by-the-by...wonder if wolves could have a variety of skin colors...say then or now how would the blood-thirsty's play designing wives?)

Monday, February 10, 2020

A Loving Tribute to Eddie Murphy

My Take on The Golden Child

We find after retrieving sword that Eddie Murphy’s character has a reputation even on the other side of the world as being about as imperfect as they come, but like a puppy shitting on a carpet, their imperfections somehow move your heart closer to them. The more klutzy these Americans, the more they remind others of their own family..  Of course we speak of the love-sponge American, not the sid-vicious variety

It’s hard to think of Eddie Murphy even as a fictional character as chaste (then again, maybe he’s hiding a private matter only his shower mirror truly reflects—we certainly grant him exclusive focus when beset by pity so witheringly due.)  I like to think of Eddie as a reprobate with a heart of gold—as in the instance of a woman who is famously open and generous to all needy wayfarers in the community and yearns to lift up their spirits. It is this sense I think we all agree Eddie has a pure and generous heart of gold.

Therefore realistically speaking as for the movie we can conclude that maybe chastity between the couple with hots for one another serendipitously uncovered a rule meant to be broken.—but then, again, I would honor Eddie’s characteristically long and deliberative perusal of ancient wisdom literature—a bound set of 30 tomes with appendix and matching magnifying glass are available in the private scholar study carol at the Public Library (next poison ivy research publications) --should Eddie decide that the wisdom-passion chariot is best driven by slow and steady late-night handshakes with the sages of the ages.

Now that kid—the Golden Brat—is ubiquitous in America—books, movies, businesses, churches, prisons, used car dealers, even old folk’s homes.  Of course, we mean that imp of human kindness that is "into" everything in God’s Country and embedded like sticky-taffy in our sharpest minds.  This won’t-sit-still brat makes us feel like the luckiest people on earth when most every face met is kind, every word encouraging, every meal in good company, works of the arts mind blowing.  Hell, I think many of us would work for free for the fun of it if we could.  But then again, who needs money anyway since a strange new currency has emerged around Wonder World whose issuer personally guarantees (from a reportedly inexhaustible supply) every cent in gold bullion.



Sunday, February 9, 2020

Homework Assignment

If you haven't done so, please view carefully The Golden Child (Eddie Murphy).  The question is NOT who I may be but more importantly who your heart yearns to win..--WHO... in a sense.. are YOU....are  WE ??  We often see America in only two dimensions...Be assured, God sees us in three.


No Amy..(don't be nice) .He is NOT QUALIFIED !!!!!

PLEASE  PLEASE hear what I say....GOD WILL NOT TOLERATE SODOMY FOR IT ESSENTIALLY IS IDOL WORSHIP and seeks to overthrow the Great Creator and all his loving works. NEUROTIC MORALISTS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT  but ELEMENTAL PHYSICS underlying life itself does.   PLEASE IN VIEW OF CURRENT UNDERSTANDINGS ACCEPT THIS ON FAITH..!!!  (And don't let the liars and deceivers claim Lincoln was a secret sodomite. Their forte is the guttural sneering smear...witness the Donald)

PS  Amy you are WOW WOW grade presidential material!!!  You make me feel good again..a true red-blooded fellow American.



Sodomites now run what use to be the Republican Party.  With Pete's bid to head the Democratic Party, the Sodomites intent is clear.  We mortals at this juncture understand little of what's "under the hood" of life.  God is counting on us to trust him even so.  From what we know of his loving kindness vs their sid-vicious sodomite poison, I hope and trust we will embrace the good and reject the merchants of death. If you think they have the best interest of our children in mind, you have banana pudding flooding your discernment guidance system.


Friday, February 7, 2020

For Those Not Sleeping Soundly in Their Beds Tonight

What we have on our hands is a 5-Alarm Fire.  We simply must ask ourselves do we love at all and do we know how to love? Simple question--have you ever found it hard to complete a prayer of petition for a friend because you filled up and could do nothing but stifle heaves of unspoken sadness? If you are not at this place at this very hour, you are not what I need. 

I do need my father Ed Standifer.  On his grave marker are these simple words of who he was: Grateful within the family of man he prayed for individuals' care.  If this phrase seems quaintly out of touch while yet sounding a chord of sweet sympathy anyway PLEASE FOR GOD'S SAKE just move on down the road.  

By next year we conceived and nurtured in love may yet find ourselves in some State-Side Hilton or as Isaiah recently said... Dancing with the angels. 

But my!!! consider the possibilities!!!...with such huge adventure in the offing, how can we possibly resist ?

Brother Ed...Could you send us out with a word of prayer?...and then we all say individually a word of silent prayer.

Yep Abe, in God we trust on this very day.  Thanks man for having faith..and, yes, for even having faith in us.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

It's Sodomy and Treason...Why Perfume It with Nice Words?

Ladies and gentlemen and girls and boys let’s keep it simple.  When I’m president I will cry tears when I hear that a human life (whatever age) has been tossed in the trash because mom or dad or responsible other found it too much trouble to love and nurture it.. I will sense a blue-screen fatal error straight ahead when seeing two men french kiss in an in-your-face "take-that" declaration of basic life principles frontal rebellion..  As with a computer blue-screen error, it suggests a tunnel not ending in hope and redemption, but of enforced cynicism and gut-wrenching despair.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

To Hell With Far-Off Camelot!!!

Each and every day may justice and mercy be our solicited immediate intervening absolutes. When we feel nudged by our consciences to disagree with popular propaganda and accepted assumptions, let us remember this face--Do you really think our freedoms come willy-nilly from bargain basement clearance sales??

I hope for the study human perception and the causes of a huge fatal error--capitulation of reason to unlimited personal deification and arrogance--it is so because I said so.  I have repeatedly suggested research be directed to the effects of alcohol and sodomy upon perception.  Perceptional changes guarantee that there are no "behind closed doors" privacy because the carry-over is always social.  Perceptual catastrophes typically impact most the widespread suffering of the innocent.


Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Oh Ya...One More Thing....

Surely the greatest temptation of Jesus Christ was to transmute a mission of sacrifice and service with blatant Self-Indulgence on a heroine-type ego trip.  Certainly I do not intend to point blame or judgment on any one church (there’s no doubt plenty of blame to go around), but isn’t it the case when an errant priest determines to excise the ultimate dominance over an altar boy it really at base is a substitution of personal indulgences over social and spiritual responsibilities. I am highly suspect of secret religious goings on. In my way of thinking this nearly always is an invitation to sell out God for an indulgence in status tingles of the body and one’s inflated pride.  *(At this point I report a missing box of VCR porn from my villa filled with anal penetration of the female by the masculine penis.  I will be happy to someday explain a theory why some males prefer this type of porn.  The person who asked me to store these videos represent a signal example of my theory.  The sid-vicious and pitiful examples of humanity that stole these “blackmail tapes” only are storing dust and ashes.  Also, the fierce visage I will never forget is that of a key staff member of the Palms suggesting her husband (a police detective) knew of dirt reported against me.  Big fucking deal.. I’ve sat on my home front porch surrounded by visiting children and had passing black women yell slurs at me for being a pedophile. And don’t get me started on any evidence you may have of masturbation.  I happen to think this activity may be essential for a healthy self-concept and to help fortify a manly spine to face-down sid-vicuous punks like you.  I challenge you during the campaign to ask or charge me with anything…I WARN YOU, I MAY KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU THAN YOU THINK.   (My meditation for the day can be found below.)

In the United States we have the mantra that unbounded free choice is our heritage—what utter bull (or heifer)-shit.  I really do look forward to discussions of fundamentals during my campaign.   OK Sodomites we’ll soon see if behind that slice and dice bully facade is nothing but a rank pile of fetid chicken-shit.  


OK Marines let’s bust some ass *(during our own private meditations):


Saturday, February 1, 2020

I'm Making Waffles!

For Jesus had found a young ass and was seated upon it, just as the scripture foretold—‘Fear not, daughter of Zion: behold, your king is coming, sitting on a donkey’s colt’.

John 12:14-15 J.B. Phillips New Testament (PHILLIPS)