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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Me and My Shadow

I have mentioned in a previous blog the dramatic change that often occurs when we shift from a long-term situation to one we perceive as immediate, short term, filled with exigencies.  Often when we have a “rocky” relationship with others we are really operating from dramatically different perceived resource environments.  That is to be expected.  What is NOT in line with reason is fixation on one game theory paradigm and idiosyncratically twisting reality and all rules thereof to snap-close the inquiring mind.  Sodomites like to twist everything to a zero-sum game . 

Say 5 adults are served a rather small medium pizza to be cut and shared among all seated at table.  In this situation with 5 hungry Klansmen and one paltry pizza, one would almost be inhuman not to exercise keen interest in getting one’s share. 

But the sodomite since NEVER putting the future in God’s loving and caring hands  (In God we trust) and trusting only in himself to judge and accomplish all things, he USES THE ZERO-SUM MODEL IN ALL Instances—even if he owns a pizzeria franchise with 2,000,000 pizza’s in ready inventory.  Facts mean nothing to a Sodomite whose zero-sum perception ipso facto defines every inch of reality.  (Again I warn my friends, sodomy activity comes with a freight-load of third dimension spiritual implications.  God is monotheistic and belches out of his creative garden those who strut around playing god.)