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Friday, February 7, 2020

For Those Not Sleeping Soundly in Their Beds Tonight

What we have on our hands is a 5-Alarm Fire.  We simply must ask ourselves do we love at all and do we know how to love? Simple question--have you ever found it hard to complete a prayer of petition for a friend because you filled up and could do nothing but stifle heaves of unspoken sadness? If you are not at this place at this very hour, you are not what I need. 

I do need my father Ed Standifer.  On his grave marker are these simple words of who he was: Grateful within the family of man he prayed for individuals' care.  If this phrase seems quaintly out of touch while yet sounding a chord of sweet sympathy anyway PLEASE FOR GOD'S SAKE just move on down the road.  

By next year we conceived and nurtured in love may yet find ourselves in some State-Side Hilton or as Isaiah recently said... Dancing with the angels. 

But my!!! consider the possibilities!!!...with such huge adventure in the offing, how can we possibly resist ?

Brother Ed...Could you send us out with a word of prayer?...and then we all say individually a word of silent prayer.

Yep Abe, in God we trust on this very day.  Thanks man for having faith..and, yes, for even having faith in us.