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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Oh Ya...One More Thing....

Surely the greatest temptation of Jesus Christ was to transmute a mission of sacrifice and service with blatant Self-Indulgence on a heroine-type ego trip.  Certainly I do not intend to point blame or judgment on any one church (there’s no doubt plenty of blame to go around), but isn’t it the case when an errant priest determines to excise the ultimate dominance over an altar boy it really at base is a substitution of personal indulgences over social and spiritual responsibilities. I am highly suspect of secret religious goings on. In my way of thinking this nearly always is an invitation to sell out God for an indulgence in status tingles of the body and one’s inflated pride.  *(At this point I report a missing box of VCR porn from my villa filled with anal penetration of the female by the masculine penis.  I will be happy to someday explain a theory why some males prefer this type of porn.  The person who asked me to store these videos represent a signal example of my theory.  The sid-vicious and pitiful examples of humanity that stole these “blackmail tapes” only are storing dust and ashes.  Also, the fierce visage I will never forget is that of a key staff member of the Palms suggesting her husband (a police detective) knew of dirt reported against me.  Big fucking deal.. I’ve sat on my home front porch surrounded by visiting children and had passing black women yell slurs at me for being a pedophile. And don’t get me started on any evidence you may have of masturbation.  I happen to think this activity may be essential for a healthy self-concept and to help fortify a manly spine to face-down sid-vicuous punks like you.  I challenge you during the campaign to ask or charge me with anything…I WARN YOU, I MAY KNOW MORE ABOUT YOU THAN YOU THINK.   (My meditation for the day can be found below.)

In the United States we have the mantra that unbounded free choice is our heritage—what utter bull (or heifer)-shit.  I really do look forward to discussions of fundamentals during my campaign.   OK Sodomites we’ll soon see if behind that slice and dice bully facade is nothing but a rank pile of fetid chicken-shit.  


OK Marines let’s bust some ass *(during our own private meditations):