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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Why Trumpian Sodomite Republicans Love to Hate Hollywood......

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Adventures of Superman (1952–1958)

Divide and Conquer 

Divide and Conquer Poster
Superman stretches the laws of physics to the breaking, or rather splitting, point to prevent a coup in a Latin American country.


 Philip Ford

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Wait FOREVER you lousy Horney Toed Night Creature

Four-Legged Dog's Love.... TAKE IT OR LEAVENor iron bars a cage:

The Chirp of 2-legged freedom on wing brings hope, life, amazing adventures of creativity and a spectacular array of practical arts--BRING IT ON       

[Keynote of the Golden Child]


Stone walls do not a prison make,

Nor iron bars a cage:

Minds innocent and quiet take

That for an hermitage.

If I have freedom in my love,

And in my soul am free,

Angels alone, that soar above,

Enjoy such liberty.

["To Althea, from Prison" is a poem written by Richard Lovelace in 1642.] 

“In the long years to come, not only will the people of this island but of the world, wherever the bird of freedom chirps in human hearts, look back to what we've done, and they will say 'do not despair, do not yield...march straightforward.