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Friday, September 13, 2019

The Major Failing of the Ku Klux Klan

Ku Klux Klan /ˌku: klʌks ˈklan/ ♫ (abbreviation KKK)
An extremist right-wing secret society in the US.
The Ku Klux Klan was originally founded in the Southern states after the Civil War to oppose social change and black emancipation by violence and terrorism. Although disbanded twice, it re-emerged in the 1950s and 1960s and continues at a local level. Members disguise themselves in white robes and hoods, and often use a burning cross as a symbol of their organization. – origin  perhaps from Greek kuklos ‘circle’ and clan. (OED)

Kkk Line March 

The KKK failed because it did NOT remain invisible.

The new militias armed to the teeth with assault weapons await only the clarion call to surface in violence and terror.

Surely some timetable is stealthily creeping along.  The past named Republican Party has metamorphosed with evil intent to the party of the likes of Trump and Roger Stone--The Sid-Vicious Sodomite Party.

The Real Story is here (What Did He Know and When Did He Know It?): READ HERE

AVOID NRA Individual-focused Decoys -- IT'S NOT JUST ONE MY DEAR !!!

NOTE found by parents in pocket of teen-age son:
"I dig it Dick when you're on my back !!"
(These guys can be so subtle..indication of very precious IQ.)
Click here for glimpse of a passionate President: Family Ties

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Rev Al Sharpton -.- Christ Above All ........ Amen !!! and Amen !!!

Jesus said to them, “My food is doing the will of him who sent me and finishing the work he has given me. Don’t you say, ‘Four months more and then comes the harvest’? But I tell you to open your eyes and look to the field—they are gleaming white, all ready for the harvest! The reaper is already being rewarded and getting in a harvest for eternal life, so that both sower and reaper may be glad together. For in this harvest the old saying comes true, ‘One man sows and another reaps.’ I have sent you to reap a harvest for which you never laboured; other men have worked hard and you have reaped the results of their labours.” (John 4:35  Phillips)

Rev Al Sharpton I know it's hard to look beyond  one's own pain to see that of others.  Ask yourself--how many "white guy" ministers or congregations would have the spiritual freedom to appreciate the above sermon?

As you are a man of the church, I  would ask you to consider priorities and pray about where the mission field is urgently white for harvest--economic, political, or spiritual? 

Where now is an emancipation proclamation most direly needed for the health and well-being of our nation?

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Great News !!!

Mankind Freed from alcohol and sodomy thanks to hard work and creativity and love of many,,,,,

Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Friend Who's Always There

Kyle Hillard
Thank you for helping me get into a new Mazda.  You were the perfect facilitator.  --  past note to Kyle from me.

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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Fussy and Finicky---Disciplined Obsession When on the Mark

Quickly browse the list of Vegetarians following video below.  I think we can agree that vegetarians in a society that's far from onboard with it must proactively be somewhat FUSSY  and FINICKY about at least one thing--their diet.

We find Albert Einstein under scholars and inventors.  While Albert had wild, unruly hair--I bet in his speciality (on the hunt in mathematics and physics), he was a fussy sticker for clarity and thoroughness.  We can say something similar about many folks in the listings. 

Now for those specializing in politics, being fussy and fiiniky can spell deadlock.  Moscow McConnell by nature is so super fussy and finicky that his desk often prevents anything getting passed.

If Clinton was a stickler in the arena of politics, it showed in his policy wonk thoroughness;  yet his strict study habits did not encroach upon political schmoozing and broad shoulder slapping. 

Athletes Entertainers

Mac Danzig
Walter "Killer" Kowalski
Andy Lally
Carl Lewis
Martina Navratilova
Bill Pearl
Rich Roll
Hannah Teter
Mike Tyson
Ricky Williams
Pamela Anderson
Russell Brand
Ellen DeGeneres
Paul McCartney
Ozzy Osbourne
Natalie Portman
Fred Rogers ("Mister Rogers")
Alicia Silverstone

Leaders & Activists

Brigitte Bardot
Cesar ChΓ‘vez
Bill Clinton
Benjamin Franklin
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Coretta Scott King
Dennis Kucinich
Christine Lagarde
Rosa Parks
Russell Simmons

Scholars & Inventors

Thomas Alva Edison
Albert Einstein
Jane Goodall, PhD
Sylvester Graham
Brian Greene, PhD
Henry J. Heimlich, MD
Steve Jobs
John Harvey Kellogg, MD
Peter Singer, BPhil
Paul Wenner

Writers & Artists

Jonathan Safran Foer
Franz Kafka
Richard Linklater
Plutarch of Chaeronea in Boeotia
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Upton Sinclair
George Bernard Shaw
Leo Tolstoy
Leonardo da Vinci
Diane Warren

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Yes Virginia There Really Are Alternate Facts

Virgina, Santa is very real for you and many other children.  And you will find gifts under the tree from Santa just for you.

Virginia, your mom and dad believe so much in Santa and his overwhelming value in our culture as a symbol of generosity that their bank account takes a huge hit around Christmas Time

Virgina, even old baa-humbug Scrooge believes in Santa as epitomizing what's wrong with our culture--too many people looking for handouts
I have watched with amusement news commentators berating Trump for rank dishonesty in claiming Alabama was in the path of a storm.  Let us consider for a moment that homosexuality perforce remained largely underground for endless centuries..  

Argot: Slang or jargon peculiar to a particular group, esp (formerly) a group of thieves (Collins Dict),..  In short my friend while you rest in a state of naivety and are sure the strangers you met are discussing religion, they are in argot in your full hearing coordinating just how and when to rob you blind.

Someday if you have $10 to spend, I recommend you get this eBook (on Kindle)::PARTRIDGE, ERIC. Shakespeare's Bawdy (Routledge Classics). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.

For years very straight-laced people cooed that their privileged honor-level child is reading Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet.  I suggest that these parents get this book and wake-up to wordplay and stark naked reality.

The other day I included a video of commentary by Colonel Sanders.  Once he prepared chicken for some going on a boat ride.  Now "going on a boat ride" could have only a literal meaning obvious to all...Yet as a Mason he might be telegraphing an argot meaning truly understood only by Masons.

Let us say a female youth has the hottest hots for the essence of female candy--the boy next door.  Wednesday at prayer meeting all are impressed by her impassioned devotion during this song:


And of course we can't help but feel for the young man trying his very best to make a good impression on his gal's father:

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Just Who Is Blackmailing Moscow Mitch?

Considering the OBVIOUS need for unqualified RESTRICTION of military weapons to prevent mayhem, the ONLY EXPLANATION is that someone somehow has the Sodomite Party (once Republican) BY THE BALLS.  There is NO WAY that an ordinary reluctance to offend can explain this behavior.  Let us all pray that God's Holy Omniscient Light will TOTALLY REVEAL  the hidden shit crippling legislative action.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Simple Integrity, Love, and Kindness Will Give Us Wings

I have always been convinced that love (equality/appreciation of specialness) and integrity lie at the very foundation of America.  Connie and I cannot escape from shopping at Walmart without being inundated with kindness and love--even when I do my best to confront management with the blustering bays of a jackass.

Of course, this results in generous hearts and deep commitment to God's grace--in other words,  the second chances we all need mutually extended---maybe, say, a thousand times before noon for each of us on any given day.

It is my hope and confidence that science will identify those impurities in the blood governing sodomite characteristics.  Equipment will be developed--not unlike dialysis blood filters for failed kidneys--that can result in complete reversal of those conditions.  The individual will then be set free for second chances.

However, in no way can society tolerate the sid-vicious and duplicitous nature of the disease--when we understand that children can be born with unspeakable deformities and lifelong impairments due to this practice--this alone will demand prohibition;,further, of course, are the implications regarding organizational dysfunction, tribalism, crime and civil strife and loss of all verities (including the simple recognition of reality)--BUT I hasten to add, THIS DOES NOT APPLY to youth seeking reinforcement of their masculinity in privacy with young male peers--I like the phrase "playing tarzan in the forest." (This MUST NEVER include buggery.)  In fact, when this mutual-display stage does not proceed as God intended, homosexuality becomes a huge threat due to lack of confidence in their masculinity (which can also result in life-long womanizing...something that could have been avoided for a lifetime in 15 minutes of playing Tarzan in the woods).

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Since You Hackers Are So Goddamn Set on Getting the Real Story.....

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Monday, September 2, 2019

MSNBC My Favorite Just Displayed a VERY SENTIMENTAL Softspot

If Nothing Else Trump Displays in High Relief what Others May Share in a More Conservative Manner.  He seems to have a bedrock base that is completely loyal NO MATTER WHAT.  Perhaps by studying Trump we can gain greater insight of those like him but many times more reserved.

For example, we have seen Trump enjoying painting a dark dark cynical view of ALL those outside his base be they blacks, immigrants, democrats., or even scientist, and those guided by best efforts to exercise objectivity.  In fact, his often charge of "fake news" even suggests to me that if news is not sufficiently dark, he would create a weekend of shootout  and mayhem with a little help from his friends.  For example, the recent killings in Texas seems almost to suggest a weekender of dark, dark tragic opera.  Just the ticket don't you think?

Click  the above link to suggest just what I mean

Don't you think that a few of your eye-witnesses shed a few too many alligator tears.   BOO HOO HOO ------

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Give Up Guys

Give Up Guys You'll NEVER hack me.  

Your Daddy is a wimp in EVERY little, miniscule, tiny weeny way compared to my ALMIGHTY Father of Heavenly Lights!!!

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Sometimes Paranoia is Only Too Well Justified

Gerke said there were still no answers pointing to a motive for the chaotic rampage, which began Saturday afternoon when Texas state troopers tried pulling over a gold car on Interstate 20 for failing to signal a left turn.

[What the Hell?   I wonder if records show the extent of arrests by Texas state troopers of "failing to signal a left turn..." on Interstate 20.   When was the last time you were arrested on an interstate for such a heinous crime?]

Police said Ator had no outstanding warrants. His arrest in 2001 was in the county where Waco is located, hundreds of miles east of Odessa. Online court records show he was charged then with misdemeanor criminal trespass and evading arrest. He entered guilty pleas in a deferred prosecution agreement where the charge was waived after he served 24 months of probation, according to records.



Why Waco is Still a Battleground in the 2nd Amendment Debate

...after two decades the [Waco] images continued to endure as a powerful symbol. Today, “Waco” is still a rallying point for antigovernment groups, militia, and self-proclaimed patriots who continually fear government aggression.  Source

What the hell were the details of Ator's offence in 2001.  I ain't at all content with the information as given.  I hope the heavenly forces will descend to tip off God's army to help reveal to us where exactly he was "trespassing" and what was going on at the time that would possibly arouse sid-vicious Sodomite members of Texas law enforcement.  It may well be the Sodomite view was that he deserved and had to die.

By the by, some day we will know for certain if the Kock Brother billionaires are pro-active sid-vicious Sodomites.. 

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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Bang Bang ..Ride Um Cowboy !!!!!

After gun maYhem leaving crazy CRYING  family members in its wake..i oNLY want to hear from THEM (and them ALONE) through their tears not self-appointed potentates assuring us that they have everything under control.  Believe me--I've SEEN your "control" and I want no part of it.

Just SHUT UP you self-congratulatory Sodomite Potentates!  Just SHUT UP and get the Hell out of the way so people that really give a shit can pass RESTRICTIVE gun control  laws !!! that will cease this recurring Tragic Operatic Wagner Spectacle that gets you on hard and puts your women in heat.    We the people know the reaSON FOR ALL THIS SHIT AND IT IS YOUR LOVE FOR "MAKE MY DAY"  cowboy hunching of the America public of all Ages in the fucking rear..

At least as of this moment I can still ejaculate a little more than "Golly Gee" as you continue to fuck me and my family in the ass. But I know full well you hate it when I raise my voice above a faint polite whimper.  You say..Be like a man...TAKE IT.....every inch of it.

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When "Just Politics" is a Hell Lot More than Just Politics

On NetFlix - I HIGHLY Recommend

Panic in the Chicken Coop

"This Scourge of Mass Atrocities in our country"...must indeed need a law and order strong man  (like me) to get things once again with vigor......

VP Pence was always the Golden Fleece and was always intended for ultimate kingship, but the Sodomites were a little less versed in the Bible than they should have been. They seemed to have no clue as to this little verse (spending most of their time lying about Sodom and Gomorrah). [“Believe me, all men’s sins can be forgiven and their blasphemies. But there can never be any forgiveness for blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. That is an eternal sin.”]

At the Republican convention Clint Eastwood made it very clear to the whole nation than the Sodomite party (including the gentle ladies) can get their rocks off on a few mere fleeting snapshots of Sodomy jokes (my mother, bless her heart, would have smiled a little not getting the picture at all..but wanting to be polite).

Let's take a brief coffee break ....good to the last drop:

Now here is what the Jesus Mafia did not foresee:

Thursday, November 15, 2018
Hospital Family-Room News
When an autocratic strong man [Trump] has in the sexual act (which escalates consequences to the power of 10) blasphemes a stand-in for his hated enemy [Obama], he thereby incurs upon himself collateral damage.  This damage unfortunately shuts down within himself normal maintenance functions of a perceptual nature.  It cannot be restored.  It is only a matter time until degradation in perception is complete.  The divine spark is not accessible even by the Almighty.  There will be a huge disruption in the normal course of events since no man is an island entire upon himself.  Forecast:  Muddy Rainy Weather

Stay tuned as the sincerely sanctimonious try to land on their feet in a hilarious but death-star dangerous Theater of the Absurd.

Surely we can all join with our President in deploring fake news (Just in case you're wondering why the President of the United States is under close guard at Camp David):

True Constitutional Patriots - A Must See:

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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Perpetual Scratchpad of Quick question Regarding Sodomy

Let's start compiling a list of questions we might have when face-scanners are totally reliable to out sodimates.

I would want to know how Sodomites are configured throughout all institutions and initially focus on matters of security and justice.  Do abusive police esp towards blacks highly correlate to Sodimates.  In all justice related institutions what number are at organizational policy making levels.

Also in health services esp as relates to retir=ement facilities.  What is the proportion attracted to psychiatry; to psychology.  Most especially if working in k-12   Mental Hospitals

Impact of Sodomites in education.  Are sodomites inherently unfair to non-sodomites.

Impact on business and banking....unions

Are there Religious organizations with prominent appearances of sodomites

Are their areas of whatever type organization in which very high concentrations appear
,for example real estate

Are sodomites reaching a dangerous level in the military (enough to stage a  military take-over for someone like Trump.

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The Only Way To Beat Trump

The tribe of sodomites is unfortunately quite large and can muster a huge number of True Believers.  Therefore there is no other way to beat Trump but "by fighting fire with fire."   Trump always charges full bore, doubling down.  Recall the Republican debates.  All other candidates sometimes would make a brave "college try" but they always seemed to have profound self-doubt and feared in the end they would be "brittle" and "fragile" before the onslaught of a primordial raging bull.  No amount of policy papers or campaign funding or experience or pom-pom shaking can hide the brittle and uncertain nature of the other candidate--most especially in that candidate's own uncertain self.

It will be my intent to slam steel with steel.  Being rational and even intelligent is NOT steel.  It means YOU WILL BE CRUSHED.  But two bulls snorting fire at each other can eventually bring on dull headaches to non-sodomites.

That's where Eddie Murphy's brilliant cameos poking fun at the most laughable ninny ever born will have everyone hysterically partying with pizza.


The sid-vicious say with  full-hards on:  "Make my day!"
The restorative laughter tickling the children of light will arise a steady chorus: "Eddie, you MADE my day!!!"


I just can't wait for the rough and tumble of the campaign so daily fine-tune my debate technique.

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When the Shark Bites

Just Say the Word Eddie and We Can Trade (Campaign) Places....and then again maybe we can just swap bodies.

No snide comments you bastards, getting a little older has both of us blooming like fresh tulip Nosegays !!!

( JUST CAN'T WAIT....CAN YOU ??????)   Don't  think there'll be any need for keeping viewer ratings---but  viewer fist aide kits might be needed....

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Be Observant - A Patriots Duty Now Critical

As you deal with public businesses and institutions, now more than ever it is essential to stay wide awake.  The sodomite mob has yet to penetrate Walmart---so you can see this as a Safe Haven and a sort of reference for other businesses and institutions.  (By the way, be wary of those people who can't abide Walmart--that alone should amount to fair warning about this individual.)

Let me give you an example of a condition that should arouse your curiosity and suspicion.  Sodomites have chronic diarrhea.  So if when looking you over as a possible candidate for a respectable position, they must first determine your eligibility as a sodomite to guarantee your loyalty and as having a subterrain sid-vicious value set.

When in a public building of any type--say even a swanky hotel--one would normally expect toilets with a solid flush (some people on the road often develop moderate constipation).  If  you have first had a meal somewhat under control of others and then return to the hotel for retirement and must use the toilet, almost a dead giveaway of lurking sodomites is a SLOWLY SWIRLING flush entirely ineffective for all but diarrhea.  You will also note that an obvious need for a plunger to stay nearby such a toilet is nowhere to be found.  Therefore it is necessary for you to contact the front desk for assistance signifying that you are NOT an acceptable (sodomite)  job candidate.  The absurdity of this in which manpower must come to a room (3 times?) for one stay is inescapable. 

Woops!!!!  User Error!!  Maybe you can have better luck than me finding a video of this ridiculously common aggravation.

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In the Meantime --America Better Watch Its Back

There's a saying---He's so open-minded air blows straight through! (in one ear and out the other).  I am totally convinced once we clearly identify the special facial characterics of sodomites, there will be an epiphany so profound and earth shattering and explaining so much currently and historically, that it will make Einstein's discovery of relatively a minor tempest in a very small teapot.  

Stay tuned as Biblical Truth marches on.  Again we will need to thank breakthroughs in computer science and facial recognition.  I personally offer up an urgent pray that our Senior Partner clear his desk for much needed urgent and critical assistance.

Could China understand our leaders far better than we ourselves?  Could in many ways China now stand as our best and most insightful friend?

Does MSNBC have a little secret in the closet?

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

On the Road to Emmaus --Show Time

Luke 24:13-35 New International Version (NIV)
On the Road to Emmaus

13 Now that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles[a] from Jerusalem. 14 They were talking with each other about everything that had happened. 15 As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them; 16 but they were kept from recognizing him.


Is it not true my dear friends that too often we discount those who do not wear on their sleeve insignia of what the world too often takes for legitimacy--wealth, power, positional reputation.  In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave we are called upon to recognize that the very least of these--even those with no "connections" we dismiss with snarky contempt--can carry the most authenticity of all.  People in some stage of litigation can sooner or later come to learn the very worst thing they can hear from an opposition attorney is:  “I’m just a little 'ol country lawyer….” sounding sorta like "I'm just a little 'ol country preacher from Georgia..."

Consider the stars of stage and screen::

....My Fellow Americans Oh Say Now See....

Those Flakey British Allies We Can Never Count On!!!


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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Greeting to Profiteers -- Guns and Alcohol

Have a Nice Day ~!!!!!!

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Let Us Reason Together….About Chicken Legs

Some rather die than be seen gnawing on a chicken leg in public dining.  They pin to the wall any neanderthal they see daring to do so. And we know full-well the opposite is also true--the leg-gnawer has nothing but utter contempt for the over-fastidious popinjay across the dining room carefully dicing and slicing while smugly implying vast superiority.

This little dining room scene can tell us lots about how societies intuitively work. In American society few would think it appropriate to codify into national law a one and only legal way to get the meat off a chicken bone.

Yet, the Bill of Rights as a whole attempts to identify for further amplification areas in which there is broad agreement by most all citizens regardless of religious orientation or cultural legacies. Indeed, there are people across he globe who find America attractive most essentially for this broad Constitutional commitment to individual liberty. That is, we are addressing an area of human aspirations that must be hard-wired virtually universally in human beings transcending all religious or cultural biases. Generally we find ourselves puzzled by those of contrary orientation--say, Nazism--and conclude it must be attributive to some manner of mystifying atypical malfunction or sickness.

Hot button issues currently roiling America are same-sex marriage and abortion. Many American’s--like myself--have strong reservations some of which can even be cultural or religious (especially regarding abortion)--yet hold back on ascribing without further evidence that these rise to being hard-wired malfunctions deserving sweeping laws with universal application. Even so in all matters, unambiguous sadism and abject masochism always pose intolerable threats to the human family universal.  


And you wonder why God loves America........?            

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Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Impoverished Objective of Full-Employment

Full-Employment does not begin to suggest we should all rest content. Our ultimate national objective in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave indicates we need honor God--our Great Creator--more than Midas.

Check it out...........
Matthew 6:33 New King James Version (NKJV)
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

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Friday, August 23, 2019

Why the Smug Faces on the Pagan Thugs

Suppose we are in a game of chess, and the wolf-king Thump  in fact means nothing to the Core.  In fact, their true focus is on Bishop Fence who with great self-righteousness and packs of self-righteous wolves in sheeps clothing are secretly on full-hard to fuck us all.  If you think the wolf-king is crazy, wait until you see the wild-eyed granulation of the Core's hate-filled sanctimony of fanaticism.

What should worry all of us I think is the ever-smug smile on all the ghastly souls of the sid-vicious ranks of piety.  Just what aces are they so god-damn certain they hold?.--is it faith?-- you must  kidding.  In my view freedom for the captives is in the way of absolute integrity of males regarding their sexual experiences actualized or fantasized--now hold on to your hat--regarding male-on-male sexuality.  (Remember the Core's fleet of angels--male prostitutes--are not unlike ancient sex-worshiping pagans.) The blackmailed will be set truly free by ground swells of truth coming from  TRUE patriots like you and me admitting we've 'been, there done that' in fact or fantasy.

Will the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave trust God and their fellow man? Will kindness triumph over the spiteful sanctimony of Bishop Fence and his hypocritical and cynical ilk of shameless power freeks? 

I know I can count on the truly righteous--those messed-up people who love God rather than the perfect raving wolves of deception and deceit--for the truth of the matter is that God's Country will not survive without daily little acts of kindness and humble honesty.  (I understand Rex Tillerson of your command attendance at the National Breakfast of Shame.  Just at what point before dismissal by tweet did the angels fail to incite your rarified lust and the rotten Core of storm troopers come to cast you away from the garden of exceptional delights?  But didn't it warm our hearts fellow Americans how simple believers and true patriots lined up to surround Rex with their eternal gratitude and love?)

Now I address only true patriots who are emotionally committed to the eternal value of truth.  Have you ever jacked off to the testerone beat of the following tune?  And when watching porn with male and female on screen--just where do your eyes focus when getting it off? You may deceive other lying frat brothers my friend, but never me--just a messed-up guy that loves God.

God Bless America and free the captives with simple truth AT LONG LAST!!!.

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The following documentary available on NetFlix (THE FAMILY) makes clear to me that THE FAMILY is all about a rarified sense of exceptionalism based upon male prostitution--the male prostitutes are carefully screened under "Jesus cover" in Washington in a faux White House.  .....THE FAMILY...maybe you've heard of National Prayer Breakfast)

" You know Colson had that sign on the wall in his office saying ONCE YOU HAVE THEM BY THE BALLS, THEIR HEARTS AND MINDS WILL FOLLOW.", a quote by Teddy Roosevelt

Hunter S. Thompson, The Great Shark Hunt, Fear and Loathing at the Watergate: Mr Nixon Has Cashed His Check, p. 260

If  you choose to dismiss me as simply having a dirty mind (see several of my previous blogs)  ..If you choose to say that "language like that cannot be spoken here you only golly gee is allowed"..You will soon learn what it feels like when the nation representing man's last best hope on earth is fucked by a demonic thirst for a rod-ruled theocracy. soon can kiss freedom of speech goodbye and "Golly Gee" will not only be an option...but will be mandatory. 

PS:  Foreign friend I know is true--tell us the hunch that came to you one uncomfortable moment..
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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Big Dick Sodomites Worship A Weeny God

Theocracy is clearly a byproduct of sodomy.  Structure is a very big deal throughout nature--from the smallest to the biggest things.  Structure always implies God's way of handling complex forces.  Forces handle ambiguity with a type of dynamic equilibrium.  This is God’s way.  Sodomites on the other hand assume equilibrium is weakness and dynamism sedition.. For sodomites the only solid course is to subdue the world with their powerful rod.   Time and again it seems we must learn that self-love can never substitute for God’s love and brotherly love. The essential problem with theocracy is that it would trim God down to a size they can hangout with, whereas in truth sodomites have no clue as to the tininess of their weiners.

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Don't Mean to Complain..... But Life Can Be SO Boring...!!!!!!

Typical private villa where Connie and I live here at Westminster
(Connie Insisted our own villa quietly understate  a  Mauve Roof)

One aspect of American films often troubles me.  We know full-well that American movies are followed throughout the globe. Yet movies can portray extravagant waterfront mansions as a given for what I guess is to be presumed as the average American home.  What bullshit !!. What are the character traits of the movie creators that seek to rub the world's nose in our sweet-smelling private stock of bejeweled shit?

Are their better more positive ways to discern character than juggling uncertain abstractions?    Lord grant me knowledge of a plainly evidenced  trait that can plainly ID smugly deceptive spiteful cats.  And may it be shareable in wide distribution throughout the world helping to realize my grandma's wise advice---"A stitch in time saves nine..." 

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