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Monday, May 20, 2019

If You Build It They Will Come

A Merit-Based system of immigration is a fundamental policy error since God uses the "least of these" to elicit graphical entrĂ©e codes into his courts of creativity.  Beware of being too big for your britches.  God don't play with arrogance.  We simply don't know if this is a "value prerequisite" or an essential hard-wired communications protocol.


According to Einstein, “cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research”. In his opinion, the goal of a scientist should be to try to begin to understand the universe. Einstein had a deep feeling of awe in front of nature and the universe and he believed that “strenuous intellectual work and the study of God’s Nature are the angels that will lead me through all the troubles of this life with consolation, strength, and uncompromising rigor” (letter to Pauline Winteler, 1897).  [Please again note "strenuous"  intellectual work.  God just can't help himself when rooting for the authentic earnest player. (--this note mine)]


It is gratifying when one finds a renown person in apparent concert with a strong feeling arising from your own experience.  Time and again I find that at some level of authentic “strenuous intellectual work” the circuitry of the mind gains greater fluency into the realm of extra-human assisting powers.  I have sometimes found--after wrestling earnestly with God (our Great Creator and our Senior Partner)--that truly miraculous serendipity occurs.  From this point of view, I suspect any country can become God’s Country if true authentic earnestness is combined with utter assurance that God loves us and is eager to assist. 

The main threat to America mentioned in yesterday’s blog is a societal structure which produces such pain that the fun of creativity becomes replaced by dull despair.  (Having no 3rd party review-- "due process "-- at workplace; and the horrors perpetrated  by alcohol.)  A society adrift is a very dangerous thing—it may choose a dictator full of falsehood other than humble yet eager inquiry of intellectual integrity.  The endgame of which is that God cries tears as he watches us drift unto death.

I am fully confident in the Good Heart of the American Idea.  When we genuinely and earnestly strive for the fun of dancing with generosity and creativity, God will show up fully outfitted to join in.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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Friday, May 17, 2019



Indulge me while I apply the underlying mental stance of our current political climate to a simple analogy. In my view this is a stance that applies to ever widening aspects of our society and represents the single greatest threat to America. 
The Analogy:  I regularly visit two medical doctors—both doctors I really like.  Each sees me first as a human being—a person with the usual broad sweep of relationships, characteristics, interests, ideas, and emotions.  Concurrently with this extended friendship, each sees me as a human organism replete with a wide-ranging array of physical processes involving a complex variety of required resources.

Now suppose my kidney doctor since our last visit has imbibed heavily at the fountain of our society’s current dangerous mental stance mentioned above. I ask the heretofore friendly and forthcoming doctor a factual aspect of my condition—"Doctor why is minimizing potassium  intake important for my kidney condition?"  Rather than relaying  in layman’s terms a short sketch of kidney functioning, he launches a full-throttled tirade against me, my attitude, my motives, my hidden agendas, my political and religious proclivities.  Finally, he concludes triumphantly with this question, “Why are you so defensive?”   I probably would be thinking: "Doctor, why are you so paranoid?"

To repeat my campaign slogan:  It is what it is….Just deal with it.  Perhaps my first campaign question should be “Is there a doctor in the house?—a doctor experienced in human nature and concurrently in physical processes, structures, and needs.  In the instance of a little hurting child before us, a doctor might address the obvious need for love and reassurance as well as mustering the insights and skills of pediatric medicine.

My campaign will need to address the broad landscape of human personhood as well as the sometimes tedious details of complex systems.  Obviously, this will take many more resources than I alone can muster—it would be laughably ludicrous for me or anyone else to pronounce—I alone can fix it.  Success will require numerous individual heroes who thoroughly understand that our efforts must always of urgent necessity begin and end with our society's deep affliction of personal pain—perhaps of our own furtive and desperate tears.  Enough of phony smiles, empty small-talk diversion, and hollow, ricocheting laughter sourced in pain and despair.  It is NOT the economy, stupid!  Human meaning and destiny depend on far more than an air-fryer in every kitchen.  If we should foolishly barter our God-given integrity and joy for the latest gadget addiction from hell, then it is truly only a matter of time before we end up precisely there.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Sincere Regard for Sympathetic Souls Insinuating Your Unfailing Greatness


Let me explain to the Russian saboteurs what resides a few inches below the epidermis of most Americans.  This might scare the hell out of you, but I’m here to testify that on deeper levels we Americans yearn to bind concerns in the Spirit of love and unity (which we do on the sly would genuinely be surprised by the kind prayers said for one's most vocal critics).  Those greedy sophomoric dilettantes and two-dimensional dictators hooked on glitzy, self-projected supercilious mirages of America tell us more about their fetid selves than a thousand gigabytes of lies.

Let me help you presumptive bastards understand a thing or two.  Let's take the most recent news regarding the the abortion controversy. (For a moment let be those kiss-ass intelligent agent sycophants located down the hall and listen up to what a free man sounds like--who has among his family and close friends those who disagree about many things.)  Now this is very important to understand (one might call it democracy's secret ingredient)--the glue of personal attachment will always hold SO LONG AS BOTH PARTIES VIEW EACH OTHER AS EQUALLY EMBRACEABLE BEFORE GOD. {Otherwise endless cat fights are inevitable.} 

You see.  Knowing how to love is absolutely essential since bottles of poison (ironically called "spirits") soon lie empty, yet still the heart cries out for that genuine integrity made possible by the intimacy of love and the humility of contrition.

Now we have areas in our nation in which the backbone of the economy derives from agriculture and livestock.  Having lived in such an area, I can relate that the weather gives us frequent practical warnings that humans don’t control everything.  We appreciate that the fast-talking dude from out-of-town guaranteeing a perfect growing season is very probably full of shit.  It follows that when we are assured by big-town elites that a developing baby in the womb is not human, we more or less sit there awhile in silence.  What could come next, we thought.  Sure enough here comes that tried and true carnival barker selling the “free choice doctrine” snake-oil elixir he makes a good dishonest living selling.  That dude I guess thinks we were raised in a concrete city and just fell off one of its liberated subways when it rocketed off the tracks and arced from horizon to horizon.  He said mankind has the free choice to do whatever it wants to since its all about liberated individuals acting individually.   Well, when we country folks talk over the pasture fence we think about each of us having a right to pollute a stream with tons of chicken shit because individual liberty is guaranteed by our Constitution…..yet sometimes we can't help but puzzle at our quaint low rural IQ’s…especially when our own place is the one downstream and, doing our very best to understand the concept, just can’t seem to escape the smell of chicken shit.  Out here in the sticks where farm animal birth is as regular thing, it kind of puzzles us when people claim that a human child developing in the womb is not a human child and liberty and individual dignity are not a bit violated by shredding to pieces a growing and healthy child in the womb.

As my well-endowed city cousin always says when sporting a new T-shirt:

It is what it is------Just deal with it

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Searching Questions

In a recent blog I wrote about a head coach (in movie Remember the Titans) who forcefully asserted the following mantra: THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY.  That was also the mantra of a history professor I heard about.  Have you not heard similar sentiments from line authority in business?  Now think carefully and be honest…on hearing this statement in your own personal affairs, did you have a sense of security and peace....a childlike sense of relief from responsibility  ......perhaps at last we will get something done—not another desert filled with inaction on the one hand or frenetic chaos on the other!

Should we wonder that “strong bosses” can creep insidiously and pervasively by side door into the national psyche?


The other day my blog embedded a video that included Mahalia Jackson dedicating a song to Louis Armstrong  (Found Here).  She said of him that if you don’t love him, I don’t think you know how to love.  Let us consider these words for a moment:  Are there people in our society that don’t know how to love?  And what could be the back stories of these unfortunate people.  What implications are there for a society in which a substantial number of its members have somehow never learned to love?

Thursday, May 9, 2019

How Does That Make Any Sense?

If American as our democracy yearns to flourish within the Kingdom of God, how does that make any sense?  How can a democracy be part of a Kingdom?  I have urged us to see God as our Senior Partner and we ourselves as Junior Partners.  We are made in the image of God the Good Book says and He reigns as the God of love. Jesus demonstrated Godly love as the son of God and simultaneously as a human being fully aware of our human nature—He knows as the song STILL says--that we are fully known. That is, there is no need for us to conjure up those ridiculously outsized fictions called Resumes.  He accepts us for employment because of something even better--for who we really are!

Now earlier I discussed the wonderful fact that the American Spirit understands through practical experience that is possible to enjoy equality and the fun of being special at the same time.  This mirrors the simultaneous extensive dynamic of the People's Democracy in sumptuous concert with the Creator’s Kingdom. Of course the Spirit that enables is love itself—the love that uplifts and humbles simultaneously to produce creativity, generosity, and happiness that flashes a laser beacon from our little corner of the universe.

Now in American society we intuitively understand that the sketch for most organizations take on a more or less hierarchical shape.  Most all institutions—let’s be honest—sooner or later define numerous roles including far-reaching line authority.  The American Constitution understands that due to human nature, the only real check that works to control the drive to existentially eliminate vulnerability can be expressed in a phrase: checks and balances.  The theme of checks and balances echo's throughout society.  I must thank Dietrich Bonheoffer (in book Ethics) for the insight that when an institution seeks to usurp the role of a balancing institution, it ends up forfeiting its own role.  You might think of it this way, for the enterprise sector, when the defining role of an engineer is trumped by an over-eager marketing department, the very existence of the organization can be put into jeopardy

In our culture we all know that most hierarchies are significantly impacted by America’s commitment to the Equal/Special paradox. An inexperienced line manager or supervisor usually soon learns that Cock-of-the-Walk line authority Hotshots predictably find himself gracing a delicious pot of chicken soup.  In the brain of each American employee—like it or not—is a clear sense of what it means to be equal and special--and they expect appropriate accommodations.

Before retirement I worked for the City of Saint Petersburg Parks and Recreation Department.  There is no doubt that I would have a very rough day as a computer grunt if I should decide to toss out the organizational need for specificity in both accountability and responsibility. Thus, I post-haste conjured up a genius conclusion that the duly elected City Councils/Mayor were all wrong about their purpose for a certain project. Hence today I threw the whole thing out and angrily refused to take delivery of critically needed equipment. I think every day—even the mayor himself—mentally affirms equality and the special contribution he can make. We all understood we owe no less to ourselves, each other, the organization, and the residents of our Sunshine City.  We should not as American's bust gut over problems that really don’t matter much  and seldom practically arise.  We are blessed with the balm of our democracy, our love for each other, and the love of our Creator.  

PS:  To all Sunshine Soldiers—this day and every day—let us defeat Trumpism by serving up for all we meet love and kindness with a certain flair to accentuate our sure victory—these "impromptu votes” each and every day will defeat those self-appointed geniuses from hell. Thank God our forefathers were childlike enough to make happiness an essential part of our daily diet.

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Friday, May 3, 2019

Why I Know My Daddy Would Never Have Voted for Donald Trump

My father was a United Methodist minister but that religious denomination is not why his very being would have rejected Donald Trump.  I suspect my father was a democrat, but that also would not have been the reason.  As I have mentioned before, my father never once in his life showed much concern over my academic grades.  He made it clear that he trusted me to figure it out sooner or later.  I can assert with full assurance that never would I end up in deep shit over grades.  But I can tell you with absolute certainty that deportment issues would have received his utmost and undivided attention.  I think he had a profound understanding as to the rightness of the adage—It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.  This little phrase melds perfectly with his deepest understanding of his Christian faith.  Christ, we know as savior, would die on a cross—at that time a symbol of utter derision—the final and conclusive symbol of LOSER. 

That is, my father firmly believed that his God was many times more interested in the guiding spirit of process rather than whether Ed Standifer ended up driving the newest luxury car thanks to a trophy bonus or, instead, drove aAxel Foley rattletrap.  I cannot stress to you how deeply and broadly this little aphorism reflected what my father was all about.  My mother was the same.  My mother would have absolutely laid down her life for me.  Even so, she would have never--never—simply could not have lied for me to get me out of a pending deadline for school work.  I knew in advance that my parents loved me too much to allow me to betray my personhood in this way.

Mr. Trump, on the other hand, was not so lucky in growing up.  He had the great misfortune of having parents who valued reputation a thousand times more valuable than integrity.  In his milieu, it was all about winning at any cost, rather than how you play the game.

Actually, that was the black hole trap door opening upon the anti-universe of arrogance and evil.  Let’s face it, mankind has often described a grotesque and bizarre headlong leap into self-destruction as evil and the work of the Devil.  I’ve heard atheists joke they are not afraid of ending up in hell.  I could never join them by mirroring a similar smirk.  Often mankind will create a shorthand label for what is nevertheless very real—often with a hope that sometime and somewhere in the future a more helpful—even scientific—explanation will develop full of promise for understanding leading to effective management and control. No, I do not smirk at evil and Satan as too simplistic for my elevated intellectual gravitas--any more than I find a railroad crossing warning a little joke intended only for the local yokels.

I think we have all been amazed at the degeneration of veracity and reliable perception in the behavior of Donald Trump.  We are even more astounded by the plain evidence that his acolytes undergo rapid and deep reversals of what typically are seen as very stable personality traits. In these cases, there seems to be an over-the-cliff type of phenomenon—a born-again phenomenon not of salvation but of perdition—a period of possible reversal followed  by a steep declension from possible reversal.

I have discussed my view of this phenomenon in earlier blogs.  In my view it would be wonderful if research originating in American labs in concert with our Senior Partner could provide relief along a path of more precise understanding of the physical layer under-girding spiritual perception.  In God’s good time (even in our generation) may we be blessed with the honor and opportunity to practically acknowledge the hard work, humility, pain, and grace of our resplendent surrounding cloud of witnesses. 

May God Bless America!!

Suggestion: view on Netflix recent release: GET ME ROGER STONE

YouTube video recommendation: 


My blog links with brief indication of my understanding of over-the-cliff phenomenon


Further readings for my current understanding of things: I would suggest viewing my blogs beginning with most current—not getting bogged down on anything....just keep going ....and to proceed backwards for several years of blogs.  At any time you can browse a chronological archive of titles and call up individual blogs. Of course, Google search conventions still apply. For example, with this on the Google Search line: "Trump"    Google will find all my blogs that include the word Trump.

As always (though silently in my heart) I would like to thank the invisible-to-user-and-reader unsurpassed example of excellence—the Google staff.  Also, I frequently include within my blogs videos created by others unknown to me……but I am sure astound God himself by their uncompromising creativity and excellence.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Special Message to Bleeding Heart White Skinned Liberals

Image result for i have a dream speech lines

Please consider what one of the greatest orators of all time had to say.  MLK makes very plain that we can transcend a good distance from self-indulgent guilt trips when we leave behind kindergarten infantile prejudices and pretensions..

However, Dr King DID NOT stop there.  He did not ask us to stop dead and to replace our brains with fistfuls of silly-putty.  In fact, once we trash our childish and dimwitted prejudices about skin color, the heavy responsibly of discerning human character kicks in.  That is, MLK charges us to pay special regard to that hazardous yet sometimes essential task of discerning character.  Experience, wisdom, and petitions for divine guidance are clearly indicated.

In other words, be vigilant for signs of extortion directed your way in underhanded attempts to control you by strumming sentimental chords of trumped-up guilt.  Remember, you have no real love in your heart for anyone you weakly indulge with credulity rather than calling that person to personal integrity and  accountability.


More than I like to admit, I am often sure from another room that my wife is challenging me to new heights of accountability....that is, until I discoverer she is in discourse with other of our family members:

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

A Lazy Afternoon in God’s Country

I have come into the world as light, so that no one who believes in me need remain in the dark. Yet, if anyone hears my sayings and does not keep them, I do not judge him—for I did not come to judge the world but to save it. Every man who rejects me and will not accept my sayings has a judge—at the last day, the very words that I have spoken will be his judge. For I have not spoken on my own authority: the Father who sent me has commanded me what to say and what to speak. And I know that what he commands means eternal life. All that I say I speak only in accordance with what the Father has told me.”
J.B. Phillips New Testament (PHILLIPS)


Watch Remember the Titans at link below (30 second ad will precede  full-length movie)

In Remember the Titans the head coach makes very clear to the players in training that THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY.  It seems to me a major characteristic of conservatism—especially Trumpian conservatism—is an adamant conviction that the workplace is no democracy.  Every employee must accede that at any moment on the job an employee is subject to a strong boss's determination of disciple which to be effective must be inherently not subject to appeal.

Many people understand that there can be situations that require intense micromanagement--if when in an emergency I am being guided in by an expert pilot over radio how to safely land the plane. Yet many also understand that a good leader requires exceptional empathy and great capacity to listen and receive helpful input from within sources using multiple communication directions.  Communication must never be viewed as legitimate and absolute only when directed downward. Would that any individual could have such totally reliable perception and understanding.

I have often found it curious that Russia chose the NRA to infiltrate US politics.  There are gun owners virtually solid in their belief that gun ownership is centrally about hunting and sports.  There is however another mindset regarding gun ownership.  In more recent years the NRA has evolved into propagandizing a highly ideological message that sounds a circle-the-wagons mentality.  I tuned into a speech given by a high official in the NRA last year.  The whole speech was circle-the-wagons ideology.  I was shocked for I had never thought of the NRA this way--as source of a scary and threatening propaganda 

Last week Trump hinted of a violent reactionary uprising.  Clearly, Trump and the new ideological NRA were sharing the same book of divisive diatribes.

Finally, the hard core leader/employer hierarchy shares the conservative-right evangelical mindset  They see the faith as sternly serious-- judgmental and autocratic.  You mainline Christians, they hold, are totally outside the fold of faith and since we conservative evangelicals know the very mind of God, you defective ones simply don’t measure up to us the truly saved.  We, of course, the most humble on earth can't help but feel--you understand--that we select few are among that relative small group knowing fully God's mind and are  thus enabled to perceive clearly who is and is not saved.  We understand the great deficiency of mainline Christianity need to ask...we will pray that someday you may join us in being among the truly righteous.   

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

World Enough and Time ....

I have always loved universities and have been jealous when classmates to the left of me and to the right of me ended up attending drop-dead prestige schools for further studies while I nervously hoped and prayed that some state school would inadvertently end up accepting me because the registrar made a snap decision in order to leave early one day.

I suppose there’s hardly a youth alive that at some time or other didn't wondered how the birth-stork got it so wrong as to deliver him to such an ordinary and underfunded set of parents.

What I’m trying to say is that when we stop counting our blessings and focus instead on what we take uncritically to be the unadulterated good fortune and glowing success of others, we are on ground beneath which vast sinkholes lurk to swallow us whole.

One of my most favorite exercises in my university studies was to address efficiency/effectiveness trade-offs.  That is, in business or government (or in our personal lives) we can be sorely tempted to sacrifice long-term effectiveness for the sugar-highs short-term efficiencies can offer.  And wouldn’t you know, it is at this juncture in which purpose and integrity become key-- a totally unprincipled person has huge advantages in getting things done speedily and efficiently due to the absence of their needing to weigh conscience and ethical considerations.

So therefore, we can look at others with great penis envy for the impressive size of their brand-new toys.  With a little discernment, however, we may in fact find that we do not subscribe at all to their underlying nihilism—expressed as "those who die with the most toys win."  In fact, we may find such a view repugnant and antithetical to our own beliefs.


Efficiency (get it done right here, right now!) can trash the insights of portfolio theory…yet finding a vehicle to employ "all the love we can give" can be excruciatingly inefficient and time consuming and, most importantly, require a sustaining grounding in faith.

Nevertheless, somehow, I feel much more secure within the intricate tapestries of faith than when boldly blazoned upon the garish banners of absolute and centralized power.

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Tectonic Underbelly of Jim Crowism--Whenever, However, and Wherever It May Roam

Sadly the Trilogy Is True:  the  trinity of evil--Ignorance---Tyranny--Fanaticism


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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Trump's Blathering Lies Can't Hold a Candle to the Opposition's Big Fat Silent Lie

First check out video below......Caution---don't be too eager in feeling vastly superior to the timid and shabby chicken liars of Twain's America









 A Little Motivational Music

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Just My Type

Even as a child I enjoyed smiling neighbors

......and kind faces for every stage of life

Republicans always seemed to leave behind a whiff of condescension and a deep desire to resolutely lay down the law for shallow folks like me

preach, hold forth, lecture, expound, pronounce, sermonize, sound off, harangue, dogmatize, moralize
formal declaim, perorate

colloq. lay down the law, spiel

(Chanberrs Thesarous   5th ed))


None Dare Call This Treason...Just Have a Drink and Swim Like a Frog in Heating Water a Bit Longer ...


 "Give 'em Hell, Harry!" Truman could mince no words......I too shared the perception that Republicans always felt superior to riffraff like me--and consequently could leave behind a whiff of condescension   


You may find this of special Interest...May I also serve you a relaxing drink?

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Hey Scaredy-Cat Jitterbugs...Queasy Stomach Turbulence Up Ahead (Just For You) !!!!

The Good Book makes one thing very clear--better not mess with the humble in spirit or station.


Jitterbug defined (Chambers Dictionary 13th ed.):  nervous person, scaremonger or alarmist 

Oh my, you thought the Donald was the last word in scaremongering silliness.  You ain’t seen nothing yet!  You know my intent is to make very clear it is way past time for phony capitalists sequestered in fool’s gold towers to be exposed for what they truly are—nervous Nelly control freaks who want to play god (little disposable worm, you’re fired!) and dispense with any sort of due process review. 

They seem to truly believe that all capitalism boils down to is manipulation of inert property; and whoever owns the inert property at any given moment in time has absolute right to control all human capital inherently needed to make the inert asset productive and valuable over time.  The understanding of our democracy is that the human capital asset at its core is inherently not for sale though its services can be ostensibly rented through payment of wages.   The underlying capital assets of personhood (intelligence, productivity, creativity, spirit, and self-esteem) always remain personhood assets endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights.

I present this as a rationale for respectfully granting all a right to 3rd party review—due process—in matters of fundamental importance to the well-being of personhood.  Since our US Constitution guarantees due process in terms of democratic governance, it becomes a ludicrous joke if due process applies assiduously to a loitering citation while remaining totally irrelevant to a vital and central aspect of our daily lives--workplace governance.

As should be obvious to all but nervous Nelly jitterbugs, this has nothing to do with socialism. Rather than infringing upon personhood--as some deem socialism does, having 3rd party review (or due process) profoundly endorses personhood rather destroying it.  Likewise, a vast number of employers have seen the necessity and wisdom of such reviews to protect personhood as well as promote internal organizational trust, vitality, and health.


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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Here I Come ......

[Performance by The Delfonics]

Ready, get ready

Ready or not here I come
You can't hide, gonna find you and keep you happy
Ready or not here I come
You can't hide, gonna love you and make you love me

You can't run away, you can't run away
From this love I got, oh baby, you can't run away
Hey baby, 'cause I got a lot, yeah
Anywhere you go, anywhere you go
My poor heart got to know, oh baby
Hey baby, you can't hide from my love, oh no

Ready or not here I come
You can't hide, gonna find you and keep you happy
Ready or not here I come
You can't hide, gonna love you and make you love me

Anywhere you go
My poor heart got to know
Oh baby, hey baby
You can't hide from my love, oh no, yeah

Ready, get ready
Ready, get ready

Ready or not here I come
You can't hide, gonna find you and keep you happy
You better come on, baby, oh yeah, oh yeah
I'll make you happy
I'm gonna find you now, yeah and I'll make you happy
Anywhere you hide now oh yeah, yeah

Songwriters: Thomas Randolph Bell / William Alexander N Hart
Ready or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide From Love) lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc


Saturday, July 17, 2010  [from blog of that date]
Another Conversation with Teico

Sonnet 66 (Shakespeare)
Tired with all these, for restful death I cry,
As, to behold desert a beggar born….
And right perfection wrongfully disgraced,
And strength by limping sway disabled,
And art made tongue-tied by authority,
And folly, doctorlike, controlling skill,
And simple truth miscalled simplicity,
And captive good attending captain ill.
Tired with all these, from these would I be gone….   
(bold emphasis mine)

Let me give you three ways America is—in simple truth—wise.

1) A wise country is not simply right, but is right in significantly helpful ways.  My father once told me of an incident when the United States sent a plane thousands of miles to pick up one person.  “That’s the kind of country we live in,” he said.

2) Another example of our national wisdom is in understanding that creativity is not a characteristic that should be confined to the arts.  Rather it should be pervasive throughout society…..  There is an almost constant drive to do better—in the private sector, in the public sector, in the interfaces and interchanges within all sectors.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of creativity is not increased productivity but the sense of accomplishment, freedom, and generosity creativity brings.  The checks and balances design of American society fuels helpful creativity with discipline.

3) Finally, our nation appreciates that paradox and irony can arise from the heart--from what Yeats called the rag and bone shop of the heart.  A central paradox of human experience is addressed head-on from day one.  "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."

I introduced you to my young friend Teico last blog with the bicycle-repair example.  Well, one day a rap song we were listening to stressed equality.  And Teico duly reminded me on hearing the CD: "Equal, Wayne."   Everybody knows somehow that the Declaration is saying something profoundly true.  There is no question that equality under the law (fair due process) is an essential maintenance item.  Effective legal equality rests upon a widespread acceptance of the Golden Rule—the rule of empathy.  A society without the bedrock of human empathy upon which to lay the foundation of legal equality is destined for a nightmare of perils.

But, as important as equality is Teico, I'm glad to say that the Declaration does not stop there.  It also says, "They are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."  We first talked of equality.  But is that what we really want?  Is that what we really need?

Yes, of course, before the law and so forth.  But Teico, if you want to be equal with me, why do you spend so much time striving to be different from me?  (And Lord knows, I try to be different from you.)  The truth of the matter is that equality is just kind of like the socks we get for Christmas.  I mean, we do need socks, but we're really looking for something more--something SPECIAL, something JUST for US. And that is what "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness" is all about.

Equality is just the launch pad.  The drive to be SPECIAL is at the very heart of humanity.  The society that can guide, encourage, and celebrate the right kind of creativity will flourish beyond imaginings.  In all disciplines inspiration will come to our aid.  It may not sound very rational—wanting to be equal and special at the same time.  But wisdom is not always rational.

My response to the charge that America lacks wisdom and sophistication can be summed up in a few brief statements.  If this criticism means we are charged with being significantly helpful, charged with being tirelessly creative, charged with being irrational in accepting the equal-special paradox-- then I say, “Guilty as charged!”  You may call it “simple-minded” if you like; I call it “the simple truth."


Thursday, July 29, 2010   [from blog of that date]
My blog today is something I wrote on 2/25/1999:   Will it last? --So far it has.

Will it last?
This feeling I have that at its core,
My country is better than the credit it gets.
Am I the only one daily amazed by the depth and breadth
Of simple kindness and humility before a common mortality?
Maybe it's where I work--at a civic center rather than an abortion clinic.
Maybe it's where I go to church--where people greet, not simply meet.
Maybe it's where I went to school--a professor I love could think lowly on his feet.
Maybe it's the family I'm in--family reunions bring everyone in.
Maybe it's the city I call home--a little sad but with deep wells of hope.
Maybe it's the young friends I have--they teach me everything old.
Maybe it's the friend that died--unscathed in my love by tragedy.
Maybe it's technology--I've never been convinced that it's a prison guard.
Maybe it's that my patriotism's bought and paid for by the goodies I get.
Maybe it's my health, my time of life, subconscious defenses, a little instability.
Whatever it is may it continue day by day until I'm dead,
For it does make a difference how I'm treated and the faces I meet,
And the sense of a purpose etched from the beginning of history,
A Promise Land, a place where people council in prayer,
To do better than exist and just get by,
But to trust and triumph in a Divine Will.

Today (April 4th) I add this comment:

It’s time for America to thoroughly appreciate that the creativity behind science is that of God himself and that humble servants of God include earnest scientists and those who constructively use the insights of science to bless God’s creation. This human effort is one of the highest forms of worship during which mankind and God join creative, loving forces. May those forces led by God himself bless America. (And those whose hearts are ignoble rather than noble, stand down while those who know true joy and productivity have a field day in that national park commonly known as God’s Country.)

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