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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Christmas Cards from America's Inferior Parasite Race....

Delayed a bit by Unreal Scrooge Turbulence Centered Over the Capitol

Arlington Memorial Bridge from Washington, D.C.
The entrance of Arlington National Cemetery in the background.

List of African-American Medal of Honor Recipients


Now Watch Out Buster You're Shaking My Prejudices

(Now be honest, was there even one whose heart pumps with the essence of America blood who did not yearn mightily that the dance of the righteous triumph--the Dance of King David himself?  Oh no, not a single one!
In God We Trust is indeed our motto.)

Psalm 30:11-12  (CJB)
11 (10) Hear me, Adonai, and
show me your favor!
Adonai, be my helper!”

12 (11) You turned my mourning into dancing!
You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy...

A White Guy Once Rhetorically Warmed 
Our Hearts from a True American Hymnbook



Now Moving On.........

Now Let's Cue Up An Important Aspect
of the American Dream...
Surely Joined-in by Hearts of Goodwill Everywhere