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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Something Greater Can Endure

Something Greater Can Endure ..Henry Kissinger McCain Tribute (Click Here)

(..........than Low Life Scum......says John McCain)



The American President most essentially represents what an American would like to be like—whether quietly alone or in activities with others.  In this regard, it is a false choice--choose one and only one—whether we must choose to be a winner OR rather to play the game justly and fairly.  "Cynic candy" says there is only one way—the cruel way of Me First.  Those historians like Henry Kissinger understand the horrific inexorable returns of Pyrrhic victories.

cynical  adjective (Collins English Dictionary)

Distrustful or contemptuous of virtue, esp selflessness in others; believing the worst of others, esp that all acts are selfish
Sarcastic; mocking
Showing contempt for accepted standards of behaviour, esp of honesty or morality: the politician betrayed his promises in a cynical way