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Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Quick and Easy Way to Discern Fact from Fiction the case of sid-vicious men and products...the truth is always the exact opposite of what they claim.

If you want to know the facts of how alcohol affects individuals and society...just set the sin industry's happy propaganda on its head and see the true paltry misery of its products' effects.  This has absolutely nothing to do with the morality police, but everything to do with man wanting to flit like a bird at an unreal party without the benefit of wings.  The problem with all this is that in human affairs--very seldom if ever--results in actor-only harm---but the innocent always take the brunt of pain and punishment.

In terms of transactional behavior, the sid-vicious cloak their desire to play God in unholy anger against those who would in any way want to demote them to all-men-are-equal status.  Do not for one moment think the thuggery of Donald Trump has a millimeter of capitalism in it.  Capitalism for market health is always monitoring the effectiveness of regulation to help insure fair play..  The Trump type are always seeking to cheat by breaking the rules of the game.  They feel they are geniuses because they ALWAYS prefer hitting below the belt and getting away with murder...and they scheme like devils to do it. In future my major objective will be to replace trasactional demigods with those who understand the importance of equality in human affairs--most especially in business transactions (the age of cannon fodder employees is nearing its end).