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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Why IN GOD WE TRUST Is so Damn Important

Earlier this month I posted a blog that needs further explanation (click here for that blog).
Relevant excerpt below.

(Now be honest, was there even one whose heart pumps with the essence of America blood who did not yearn mightily that the dance of the righteous triumph--the Dance of King David himself?  Oh no, not a single one!

In God We Trust is indeed our motto.)

Psalm 30:11-12  (CJB)
11 (10) Hear me, Adonai, and
show me your favor!
Adonai, be my helper!”

12 (11) You turned my mourning into dancing!
You removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy...

(End Excerpt) ===================

Explain the leap from near universal goodwill--all yearned for creative freedom to bring high achievement to the youthful singer--to landing with the conclusion that such goodwill indicates congruence with the motto affirming "In God we trust."

Mean and cynical societies are at base selfish societies.  This results in fear that if someone attains high success in whatever craftsmanship and creativity then in some insidious way (often in a non-rational generalized and symbolic sense) threatens to  limit me personally. My modus operandi then becomes to discourage all success if not in some way identified as personally mine.  (Each individual becomes his own dominating monopoly that seeks to destroy competition rather than to appreciate the broad resources of dynamic synergism. Donald Trump had to win at EVERYTHING in military school--even being first in line for meals [video below].)

Societies operating with high levels of goodwill (charity for all, malice towards none) are able to trust in God to bless them personally while freely sharing in the happiness of others' success.  That is, trust in God is the enabler and only sure path to a spiritual freedom that opens up upon broad corridors of creativity and achievement.

I am constrained by my son George Hall (Nurideen) to convey our great Creator's pressurized but building anger at our failure to correct with all urgency sid-vicious Cannon fodder employment practices.  This has nothing to do with the extensive blessings of authentic capitalism nor certainly the grounding love of our Creator's nature. 

The continued blessings of the New Order (America) requires urgent creed amplification to address employment protection through uniform justice procedures and due process for all employees not excluding the most humble of employees.

As the Word plainly demonstrates our God is a jealous God and will not tolerate presumptive profane sodomistic deities on the order of Trump polluting his national park.