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Monday, October 7, 2019

Gory Details as an Essential Rhetoric Component

Someone may ask me: "Do I know a foreign language?" The facts in some detail are that I took Spanish in high school and was terrible at it. I will never forget how the class guffawed when I mispronounced the sound of "See (Si) Senora" with "Sigh Senora". Since I sensed right away that learning a foreign language is a "bridge too far"for me, I aceeded I would never learn it unless forced to do so by essential life transactions. 

It was also a requirement in college, so had two essentially disastrous semesters in undergraduate school (at least in one term receiving an "F") and at FSU (where there a graduate school requirement)---for meeting the requirement took "Reading French" but failed.

As all other diploma requirements were satisfied, it was not until I studied written Spanish on my own in Saint Petersburg some four years later that I finally was able to return to FSU in Tallahassee (in 1976) for a written Spanish test that I at long-last passed.

Now I could have answered this "Do I  know a foreign language?" question with an answer that in truth would be so general and evasive as to be essentially dishonest.  For example, I could strongly and positively affirm "Oh yes,  a foreign language was an essential requirement for completing my graduate studies."

Of course we often would much prefer hearing  a lie than the gory details necessary to  really know and understand the truth.  FAIR WARNING: in my campaign for the presidency, do not expect from this candidate grand generalities regarding societal dysfunctions.  To the contray, I prefer that our nation hear from a relatively few individuals sharing with other Americans through their personal electronics the in-depth details of their pain and suffering deriving from the poisons of alcohol and/or from shamefully incessant recurrent cannon fodder employee abuse and practices. 

No doubt there will be some who will flip the channel to settle for "Great Again"  re-runs of the Howdy Doody Show.  How many will seek this harbor in the revelry of blind childhood innocence?

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