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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Democracy as a Stage of Christianity

The Bill of Rights is a Christian creed based upon the Golden Rule.  The Balance of Power in governmental structure is testimony to man’s acknowledgement of the need for humility before the human nature drive for invulnerability.  The combination of the Golden Rule in concert with humility in scientific terms translates into a structured procedure of fact-finding subject to the widest possible tests of verification.

In the Democracy stage of Christianity arbitrariness attenuates (It’s so because I said so) and is increasing replaced by humble demonstration (tobacco is being increasingly restricted by government regulation due to ample scientific evidence of tobacco's harmful effects).  Thus, respect for mankind in this stage requires more clear objective evidence and less Daddy-Knows-Best arbitrariness.

Strong-men autocracies and theocracies are  profoundly unchristian since they seek to shackle man and even our great Creator in childhood immaturity. 

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