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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Expansion/Contraction--Creativity In America

We are all equally disgusted when an uncontrolled child raises havoc in a store disrupting and annoying everyone but the misguided fog of the parent convinced that the self-centered spewing of chaos by their little Darling pressages a future great man rather than a sociopathic thug getting their jollies off by tearing down and inflicting pain.

It seems I keep returning to the foundational purpose of the Bill of Rights which clearly is to protect the rights of others by the Shield of the State quite plainly by curbing and regulating my own lust for complete and self-centered invunerability.  Ideally in America I have absolute freedom to create and flourish SO AS LONG AS "absolute freedom to create and flourish" includes in its scope not just me alone but my fellow Americans as well--which inherently implies an over-lapping Venn Diagram mapping. 

So it is true that in the creative process ideation is a separate step from  implementation--I have a responsibility not only to enjoy the fun of unbounded phantasmagoria --but that is only step one--the next is to is carefully access whether the great idea in theory when implemented would not encroach upon the rights of others.  

Say, I own a hotel chain and advertise that my beds fit all--even NBA players--but fail to mention that the beds always fit because I have warehouses stacked high with dismembered ankles and feet.  (Don't worry atol .... .I employ a huge  staff of Roy Cohn lawyers.)

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