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Sunday, October 20, 2019

A Quick Sketch of Several Controversial Views

I disagree with Rev Sharpton that the nutritive soil leading to abundance consists of weeping, groveling white liberals (I add a tad of hyperbole) apologizing for infractions done years ago.  To my thinking, groveling white liberals and forever wounded black victims need to exit stage right.  Then we can understand a little more how deeply our nation thirsts for the spiritual freedom that the black race abundantly and somewhat uniquely can provide. (Of course, the black culture has enriched American since the beginning--but our nation has an especially urgent need for creative soul renewal (sexy new dance moves) at this very hour.)

The basic question is--are there areas that extend beyond personal privacy in sexual matters that could or should be limited or regulated. I think an arguable position is that a very high-bar of convincing scientific evidence is a necessary prerequisite, otherwise democracies should not act upon dogma alone (ideological or religious).   So therefore as a Christian I base my personal actions on the following (click here). In this light I affirm my opposition to homosexuality in my belief that in the future science will discover decisive negative impacts with wider social implications.

Those who assert and assume that me and my neighbor will always have loyalty for the true democracy and thus join the true and legitimate militia while concurrently respecting other US rights AND THAT such militia will be united Nationwide and fully agree as to what constitutes justice and due process and convincingly states how such objectives could be accomplished with practical unity and command while clearly defining needed specific hurdles to determine whether present government is given-over to self-evident treachery beyond the pale and beyond normal legacy-informed repair AND with concurrent mechanisms to ensure discipline and ethics throughout the militia are solidly in-place and maintained AND that family homes are determined safe places for high-impact armament storage AND that profligate distribution of assault weaponry will not endanger societal innocents--THEN I may pray even more earnestly as to common need and common sense of this libertarian ideology based--lord knows--of a zillion assumptions that may (even probably) prove to scatter like dust in anarchic winds.  Today's militia are secretive and toxic and as are all forms of underground militia--really particularly nasty forms of undemocratic theocracy.

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