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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Our Hearts Go On

Today Connie and I saw again the movie TITANIC. 

The ship TITANIC had First Class passengers which were afforded every luxury and steeped in empty and conventional rituals resounding with the endless chatter of hackneyed ideas.  Steerage was characterized by average folk filled with true joy and celebrating life with authenticity.

I would like to suggest something similar is a strong motif in American politics. In this context the privileged elite act and feel vastly superior to the average folk who hate like hell when the elite parade and promulgate values strongly at odds with “Steerage” traditions and values.  Especially sticking in the craw of the low-life are the elite’s wide acceptance of absurdities--a human fetus is not human and its entire legitimacy as a developing human depends upon the whim of new-age doctrinaire feminists. They also refuse to understand that sodomy demands full and unquestioned acceptance.  Also the low-life steerage have difficulty understanding how one’s basic purpose in life often seen as religious conviction must now in America be delimited within tiny private cubicles. The steerage low-life sees as its only hope sufficient appointments of Conservative judges to right the ship.

Please note in the movie true love has nothing in common with manipulative marriages executed for repressive hollow conformity.  On viewing the movie, couples can cry when they see love committed even to the ready acceptance of death when necessary to affirm and protect loved ones with unlimited charity .  

In the movie’s final scene one sees the entire cast standing in applause for humanity's stand-in couple. They appreciate the manifestation of that love most divine and essential for carrying forward the human enterprise within the glow of our prized ultimate enlightenment.

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