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Monday, February 24, 2020

Church Hanky-Panky in the Finance Office

We need understand the church processes much more gold than widow mites. And the nifty thing about this—as I’m sure the Russian Thugs can tell you too—is that the American People out of fear of the Dark State makes dead-ringer sure the church is protected against outside government auditing, verification and review.  What’s really cool is that the church—an obvious advocate of the principles enunciated by Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount Beatitudes and the cherished Golden Rule—makes it clear that the church is free to follow its conscience in most financial matters.  As Ronald Reagan once reminded us:  it’s a wise thing in human affairs where temptations may arise (maybe money???) to TRUST BUT VERIFY.  So, at this point we have Russian Thugs and their brother Sodomites world-wide on their hands and knees raising hallelujahs to the American People’s provision that tons of Dirty Money regularly get washed in the blood of the Lamb.  Ah, salvation for THUG MONEY at last.  Deposit the scarlet green in a hot-shot church building fund paying quite satisfactory interest then popping out on demand substantial withdrawals clean as a whistle.  The American obsession with the evil of government and the virtue of the cloth once again hits the jackpot.

Listen up Sinners....While There's Time