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Thursday, February 20, 2020

What If Martin Luther Was No Dummy?

----as well as many generations before and since (...certainly you are not suggesting that sodomy rights are not a valid concern for bleeding heart liberals in the new dashing USA.)

Implications in our time for the dark craft of Sodomy

And organizations with financial incentives to impair health:

Case #1
Old folk's facilities with high non-refundable entrance fees.  Such institutions have the incentive of substantial resident turnover through death, level-of-care escalations, or volunteer exit of the well-heeled that would provide new independent resident facilities for rent to fresh recruits. (Just another form of cannon fodder mayhem--a tiresome ditty from the new crop of phony capitalists). Such institutions could be expected to have a high rate of Sodomite employees and a method to routinely confirm the candidates membership in the forbidden and unnatural dark arts. 

Thanks Again for your insights ML.