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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Most Tragic of Civil Wars

According to Einstein, “cosmic religious feeling is the strongest and noblest motive for scientific research”. In his opinion, the goal of a scientist should be to try to begin to understand the universe. Einstein had a deep feeling of awe [see Note near end of blog] in front of nature and the universe and he believed that “strenuous intellectual work and the study of God’s Nature are the angels that will lead me through all the troubles of this life with consolation, strength, and uncompromising rigor” (letter to Pauline Winteler, 1897).  (Source)


Here's what strenuous intellectual work and uncompromising rigor mean to me.

It really begins and ends with ruthless honesty.  When every motivation this side of truth is shouting inside your head to escape ever-which-way into comfortable ignorance, your better angels root for you to grab the pants of truth like a CHURCHILL bulldog and not let go until it yells Hallelujah!

Many stories are told about how truth can succumb to the blatant greed and selfishness of special interests—forget such imbeciles for a moment and focus on your own moments of significant thought.  Have you ever quite intentionally anesthetized your intellectual rigor and chose complacency over intellectual honesty.  Maybe you're thinking only truth certified by GRAFF's in New York meets a truth standard you care to associate with.   When Jesus affirmed "the least of these," let us apply this respect for the least of factual truth as well.

Let us be done with that Hubris Pride which gets off waging Civil War against precious truth within ourselves.

I associate AWE with WONDER.  Think of the face of a child who while at play happens upon the emergence of a butterfly from a cocoon.  There is a moment of rapt attention when labeling and categorizing are held in abeyance while the experience itself floods perception.  In this magic moment before pigeonholing of the experience begins, one can say that the purest form of objectivity occurs…and the greatest possibility of fresh insight.  The following blogs deal with wonder:

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