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Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Forever Rebirth of Wonder and the Worship of God

As man is made in God’s image, we are asked to trust him and even so out of love (not lust) explore his universe as best we can—and through love come to see reality as God sees it rather than distorted by the power obsessions of greed that can in no way lead to truth.  In this light, it is simply the case that the exacting requirements of science and engineering (as well as the disciplined arts both practical and creative) are expressions of respect, love, and service and at core yield one of man’s highest expressions of the worship of God.
Like many stories in the Bible meanings are found within meanings and have multiple application.  It is common for man to interpret the world based upon his own ideology and thus, at times, distort "what is so regardless of what we may say about it" by what we indeed do say and think about it--often with a obsessive defensiveness arising from fear and profound insecurities.  In this sense, man comes to truth only when he is able to throw open his closed mind (to truly engage in wonder) through humility and through the structural tools designed to discipline and sustain humility over time (and to through love respect his material for what it is rather than what his preconceptions insist they be).  When this occurs reality is boss and man the dutiful listener.  Thus the song Joseph sings in the following video is an example of when man ceases to impose his own understanding.  The prerequisite for human advancement is not the fanatical worship of man, but the laying aside of man's ego for abiding trust in Providence--a trust serving to supplant personal fear and insecurity. [Trust in the Lord with all your heart / and lean not on your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5 NIV)]

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