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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Motherhood, Apple Pie, and Employee Justice

Part of My Childhood DNA---But What a Dry-cleaning Bill !!!

My campaign focuses on two unacceptable preventable horrors for far too many Americans--the recurrent mayhem of alcohol and the painful betrayal of American “cannon fodder employees.”  It is my conviction that a recital of mathematical statistics avoids reality rather clarifying it for compassionate Americans.  Alma Sarett  (co-author of Basic Principles of Speech 4th Edition (Sarett/Sarett/Foster)) was my college speech professor who in a brief minute or two in front of class reported that a speech regarding a region’s grinding poverty was a blunted instrument of math class abstraction until the speaker described a little child in a tattered dress seated in the doorway of a crumbling tar-paper shack. HEED THIS WARNING: my campaign will never morph into an abstract math class while blood spreads upon the asphalt pavement following a DUI vehicular homicide of a family of four (as happened in my home town).

Cannon Fodder as too often applied to soldiers:

“Cannon Fodder soldiers: soldiers regarded merely as material to be expended in war.” (NOAD, 2010, 2016)

Expendable: that may be expended; regarded as not worth preserving or saving; not normally reused; unimportant, able to be sacrificed to achieve an object.

“.….In a war anything can be expendable—money or gasoline or equipment or most usually men.” (SOED, 2007).


Our current sad example of a monied overlord is Donald Trump whose ground of being is ultimately his gold/& power and himself.  

There are those who are only too glad to mow down people in a crime scene by misnomer called “business.”  In the name of “business” (It’s just business, they claim) there is no limit to the perfidy possible against the innocent.

I intend to take a very close look at those who claim with great self-righteousness…it’s only business…while shafting conscientious employees who perhaps for years brought value to an organization and gave it a future. To mention just a few “fall guy” dirty tricks of perversion: a bank office approves a loan due solely due the pressures he is receiving from his bosses above him.  When the loan extended goes sour--it is the lower level loan officer who gets shafted while the big guys share a smug chuckle. Another example: the highly competent administrative assistant is intentionally given an outrageous overload of tasks that would be impossible for anyone to accomplish. The big guys sadly shaking their heads claim she is “not up to her job.” While anxiety can be Machiavellian in the front office, in the yard it can shed any attempt at subterfuge as straw bosses lay down contradictory demands.

The basic problem here is that these overlord criminal butchers of employees know that cannon fodder people often feel helpless--even unworthy of help. It is my determination to see the end of such fetid and unjust demigods who engage in phony “business” exploitative quackery. Third-party review of firings is essential for simple fairness.

It is time for America to demonstrate for the world God’s intended robust, creative--even organic--benefactor of justice and abundance-- capitalism--replete with human equality and mind-blowing talented specialization.

Allied in Many More Ways than One

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