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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Bombs Away !!!

Consider this graphic below from my last blog.  Graphic appeared in scene from the movie Evan Almighty.

The question is--in a larger context is LONG RESERVOIR a single individual or a Klan of individuals?  For me the term “Silent Majority” used in a political sense refers to a silent, sanctimonious group of the sid-vicious self-righteous always trigger-happy to torpedo riffraff like everyone else but their own precious selves.  For the Richard Nixon campaign this self-same sensitive Klan is readily associated with the "Southern Strategy" which was code for white supremacy and racism only dressed-up pretty to pass respectfully like.

But as I have mentioned LBJ was a Man’s Man Click Here,who did not even support Hubert Humphrey’s run President. In fact, he colluded with Nixon in the sabotage of the proposed Vietnam peace negotiations and covered his tracks with a chitchat with Everett Dirksen—duly recorded for posterity. [My surmise upon viewing The Vietnam War (Ken Burns, Lynn Novick) S1:E7 The Veneer on Civilization]

To put it as a question in the vernacular—which presidents regardless of party seemed to enjoy fucking young male fighting men and savored inciting division and hatred—endless dead-end double-downs that in addition to sodomizing youth and sowing discord wasted resources direly needed by the American Citizenry at home? During the Vietnam War, I could not escape the feeling (when one gets down to basics) that it was a fucking excuse to screw young American males and our American democracy itself with a rationale thinner than rabbit patch cabbage soup.

This choice selection of public servants  detested the grace and political appeal of the  Kennedy's.  Explain to me again the mystery of John-John's plane crash. Such a shame really...when you think about it.