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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

No Let-Up on Game Zero Sum

In my last blog I included a video of the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago in which members of government police forces unleashed the power of the state against protesters.  I mentioned that a person lusting to be a great dictator could yearn for a nationwide panorama of such scenes as the “good ” Silent Minority could vent their anger on sleezeball trouble makers—either the lazy, ungrateful sleezeball type or the detested elite liberal type.

Let us consider what was in the news today.  Trump backhandedly scraped the divisive wound formed by division of the elites (often with college education) against the authentic simple folk just following the Lord—the religious right.  Trump wants all America to fill the pews on Easter.  And who on earth could be against that? Of course, the prominent elite scientists and professionals--all suggesting a replay of teenybopper angst and anger along battle lines of misconstrued science and legalistic religion. 

Next was that Senate bill for economic relief to be enacted to help relieve the dire economic stresses brought on by the illness sweeping America. All were pointing to a fast passage consummating this bi-partisan effort.    sUDdENLY A GROUP OF tRUMP rEPUBLICANS HAVE BECOME CONSCIENCE STRICKEN THAT THE LEAST AMONG US MAY GET PAID MORE THAN THEIR USUAL POVERTY WAGES DESERVE.  (……and I was beginning to wonder if the trump klan EVEN had a conscience!!)