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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Why Black Americans are True Americans

As usual Mr. Trump and his Sodomy Party projected their own dark psychology upon a major ethnic race within America and LOST BIG-TIME.  Trump was dead sure that if he poked at racial hatred enough chaos would erupt and the American majority cry for a GREAT LEADER--the obvious autocrat in waiting--Donald Trump.

Trump lost because of what I’ve encountered here in St Petersburg again and again.  When I have spoken with my black family here, the most volatility I could get to erupt from a supposedly seething soul about Trump were chuckles, shaking of the head, and COMMENTS LIKE “WE MUST PRAY FOR HIM.”  Such soil holds little promise for a seething stew of violence and hatred.  Of course, my family here would like to see greater justice, but this NEVER has nor will imply a free lunch for everybody.  

And while I’m on the subject of black Americans, I don’t give a shit what Madison Avenue marketing wants me to buy—the black males I know never give a millimeter on this fact (and they say it as a given and obvious fact)  MALES should NEVER lie with MALES.  (Though as I have mentioned before, rare and private displays with male peers....fellow maturing considered normal and acceptable—sort of an open-secret-awareness shared among loving parents.  At this stage of maturation (a stage of mutual masculine reinforcement), it is a huge mistake to consider this a foreboding track leading to homosexuality (in fact it leads to the opposite).  It may well be that the spiritual vitality and integrity of black males generally may be this certitude that MALE ON MALE sex is entirely and forever out of the question.

Can you think of a better snapshot of love, peace, and the American Family enjoying life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  What characterizes a central load-bearing beam of democracy just happiness to plumb the depths of human needs and desires.
(Photo from Netflix Babies Part 1 Ep 1.)