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Thursday, March 12, 2020

When Mortals Play God

I have approached Self-Deification (“I appoint myself as a god and whatever I say is true simply because I said it”) as a form of sickness resulting from destructive alteration of the brain by alcohol or sodomy.  Perhaps at some point, Self-Deification BECOMES ITSELF addictive and progressively distorts the mind.  Complete self-centeredness in childhood is a passing phase that is largely tamed by the time of our hallowed kindergarten graduation.

America does well in respecting two of the basic human motivations—to be equal AND concurrently to be SPECIAL.  With our own individual nature in mind we can see that it is true that humans need to be empowered by equality and then in turn to bestow power on others through specialness (that blossom in each individual that they and only they can bring to flower.)

The difficulty in Self-Deification is that specialness translates in the warped mind as “I’m someone no longer merely equal with others – but I am by rights MORE EQUAL than others –meaning “I’m a cut above and make my OWN rules to play by (in whatever field I then may be tramping through)."

Mankind seems to produce a god-king (or Overlord) with one lurid light always flickering at tunnel's end— chiaroscuro's of stark raving madness staring back from haunted distorted mirrors.