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Friday, August 23, 2019

Why the Smug Faces on the Pagan Thugs

Suppose we are in a game of chess, and the wolf-king Thump  in fact means nothing to the Core.  In fact, their true focus is on Bishop Fence who with great self-righteousness and packs of self-righteous wolves in sheeps clothing are secretly on full-hard to fuck us all.  If you think the wolf-king is crazy, wait until you see the wild-eyed granulation of the Core's hate-filled sanctimony of fanaticism.

What should worry all of us I think is the ever-smug smile on all the ghastly souls of the sid-vicious ranks of piety.  Just what aces are they so god-damn certain they hold?.--is it faith?-- you must  kidding.  In my view freedom for the captives is in the way of absolute integrity of males regarding their sexual experiences actualized or fantasized--now hold on to your hat--regarding male-on-male sexuality.  (Remember the Core's fleet of angels--male prostitutes--are not unlike ancient sex-worshiping pagans.) The blackmailed will be set truly free by ground swells of truth coming from  TRUE patriots like you and me admitting we've 'been, there done that' in fact or fantasy.

Will the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave trust God and their fellow man? Will kindness triumph over the spiteful sanctimony of Bishop Fence and his hypocritical and cynical ilk of shameless power freeks? 

I know I can count on the truly righteous--those messed-up people who love God rather than the perfect raving wolves of deception and deceit--for the truth of the matter is that God's Country will not survive without daily little acts of kindness and humble honesty.  (I understand Rex Tillerson of your command attendance at the National Breakfast of Shame.  Just at what point before dismissal by tweet did the angels fail to incite your rarified lust and the rotten Core of storm troopers come to cast you away from the garden of exceptional delights?  But didn't it warm our hearts fellow Americans how simple believers and true patriots lined up to surround Rex with their eternal gratitude and love?)

Now I address only true patriots who are emotionally committed to the eternal value of truth.  Have you ever jacked off to the testerone beat of the following tune?  And when watching porn with male and female on screen--just where do your eyes focus when getting it off? You may deceive other lying frat brothers my friend, but never me--just a messed-up guy that loves God.

God Bless America and free the captives with simple truth AT LONG LAST!!!.

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