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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Let Us Reason Together….About Chicken Legs

Some rather die than be seen gnawing on a chicken leg in public dining.  They pin to the wall any neanderthal they see daring to do so. And we know full-well the opposite is also true--the leg-gnawer has nothing but utter contempt for the over-fastidious popinjay across the dining room carefully dicing and slicing while smugly implying vast superiority.

This little dining room scene can tell us lots about how societies intuitively work. In American society few would think it appropriate to codify into national law a one and only legal way to get the meat off a chicken bone.

Yet, the Bill of Rights as a whole attempts to identify for further amplification areas in which there is broad agreement by most all citizens regardless of religious orientation or cultural legacies. Indeed, there are people across he globe who find America attractive most essentially for this broad Constitutional commitment to individual liberty. That is, we are addressing an area of human aspirations that must be hard-wired virtually universally in human beings transcending all religious or cultural biases. Generally we find ourselves puzzled by those of contrary orientation--say, Nazism--and conclude it must be attributive to some manner of mystifying atypical malfunction or sickness.

Hot button issues currently roiling America are same-sex marriage and abortion. Many American’s--like myself--have strong reservations some of which can even be cultural or religious (especially regarding abortion)--yet hold back on ascribing without further evidence that these rise to being hard-wired malfunctions deserving sweeping laws with universal application. Even so in all matters, unambiguous sadism and abject masochism always pose intolerable threats to the human family universal.  


And you wonder why God loves America........?            

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