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Monday, August 19, 2019

Don't Mean to Complain..... But Life Can Be SO Boring...!!!!!!

Typical private villa where Connie and I live here at Westminster
(Connie Insisted our own villa quietly understate  a  Mauve Roof)

One aspect of American films often troubles me.  We know full-well that American movies are followed throughout the globe. Yet movies can portray extravagant waterfront mansions as a given for what I guess is to be presumed as the average American home.  What bullshit !!. What are the character traits of the movie creators that seek to rub the world's nose in our sweet-smelling private stock of bejeweled shit?

Are their better more positive ways to discern character than juggling uncertain abstractions?    Lord grant me knowledge of a plainly evidenced  trait that can plainly ID smugly deceptive spiteful cats.  And may it be shareable in wide distribution throughout the world helping to realize my grandma's wise advice---"A stitch in time saves nine..." 

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