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Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Only Way To Beat Trump

The tribe of sodomites is unfortunately quite large and can muster a huge number of True Believers.  Therefore there is no other way to beat Trump but "by fighting fire with fire."   Trump always charges full bore, doubling down.  Recall the Republican debates.  All other candidates sometimes would make a brave "college try" but they always seemed to have profound self-doubt and feared in the end they would be "brittle" and "fragile" before the onslaught of a primordial raging bull.  No amount of policy papers or campaign funding or experience or pom-pom shaking can hide the brittle and uncertain nature of the other candidate--most especially in that candidate's own uncertain self.

It will be my intent to slam steel with steel.  Being rational and even intelligent is NOT steel.  It means YOU WILL BE CRUSHED.  But two bulls snorting fire at each other can eventually bring on dull headaches to non-sodomites.

That's where Eddie Murphy's brilliant cameos poking fun at the most laughable ninny ever born will have everyone hysterically partying with pizza.


The sid-vicious say with  full-hards on:  "Make my day!"
The restorative laughter tickling the children of light will arise a steady chorus: "Eddie, you MADE my day!!!"


I just can't wait for the rough and tumble of the campaign so daily fine-tune my debate technique.

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