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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Be Observant - A Patriots Duty Now Critical

As you deal with public businesses and institutions, now more than ever it is essential to stay wide awake.  The sodomite mob has yet to penetrate Walmart---so you can see this as a Safe Haven and a sort of reference for other businesses and institutions.  (By the way, be wary of those people who can't abide Walmart--that alone should amount to fair warning about this individual.)

Let me give you an example of a condition that should arouse your curiosity and suspicion.  Sodomites have chronic diarrhea.  So if when looking you over as a possible candidate for a respectable position, they must first determine your eligibility as a sodomite to guarantee your loyalty and as having a subterrain sid-vicious value set.

When in a public building of any type--say even a swanky hotel--one would normally expect toilets with a solid flush (some people on the road often develop moderate constipation).  If  you have first had a meal somewhat under control of others and then return to the hotel for retirement and must use the toilet, almost a dead giveaway of lurking sodomites is a SLOWLY SWIRLING flush entirely ineffective for all but diarrhea.  You will also note that an obvious need for a plunger to stay nearby such a toilet is nowhere to be found.  Therefore it is necessary for you to contact the front desk for assistance signifying that you are NOT an acceptable (sodomite)  job candidate.  The absurdity of this in which manpower must come to a room (3 times?) for one stay is inescapable. 

Woops!!!!  User Error!!  Maybe you can have better luck than me finding a video of this ridiculously common aggravation.

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