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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Panic in the Chicken Coop

"This Scourge of Mass Atrocities in our country"...must indeed need a law and order strong man  (like me) to get things once again with vigor......

VP Pence was always the Golden Fleece and was always intended for ultimate kingship, but the Sodomites were a little less versed in the Bible than they should have been. They seemed to have no clue as to this little verse (spending most of their time lying about Sodom and Gomorrah). [“Believe me, all men’s sins can be forgiven and their blasphemies. But there can never be any forgiveness for blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. That is an eternal sin.”]

At the Republican convention Clint Eastwood made it very clear to the whole nation than the Sodomite party (including the gentle ladies) can get their rocks off on a few mere fleeting snapshots of Sodomy jokes (my mother, bless her heart, would have smiled a little not getting the picture at all..but wanting to be polite).

Let's take a brief coffee break ....good to the last drop:

Now here is what the Jesus Mafia did not foresee:

Thursday, November 15, 2018
Hospital Family-Room News
When an autocratic strong man [Trump] has in the sexual act (which escalates consequences to the power of 10) blasphemes a stand-in for his hated enemy [Obama], he thereby incurs upon himself collateral damage.  This damage unfortunately shuts down within himself normal maintenance functions of a perceptual nature.  It cannot be restored.  It is only a matter time until degradation in perception is complete.  The divine spark is not accessible even by the Almighty.  There will be a huge disruption in the normal course of events since no man is an island entire upon himself.  Forecast:  Muddy Rainy Weather

Stay tuned as the sincerely sanctimonious try to land on their feet in a hilarious but death-star dangerous Theater of the Absurd.

Surely we can all join with our President in deploring fake news (Just in case you're wondering why the President of the United States is under close guard at Camp David):

True Constitutional Patriots - A Must See:

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