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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Bang Bang ..Ride Um Cowboy !!!!!

After gun maYhem leaving crazy CRYING  family members in its wake..i oNLY want to hear from THEM (and them ALONE) through their tears not self-appointed potentates assuring us that they have everything under control.  Believe me--I've SEEN your "control" and I want no part of it.

Just SHUT UP you self-congratulatory Sodomite Potentates!  Just SHUT UP and get the Hell out of the way so people that really give a shit can pass RESTRICTIVE gun control  laws !!! that will cease this recurring Tragic Operatic Wagner Spectacle that gets you on hard and puts your women in heat.    We the people know the reaSON FOR ALL THIS SHIT AND IT IS YOUR LOVE FOR "MAKE MY DAY"  cowboy hunching of the America public of all Ages in the fucking rear..

At least as of this moment I can still ejaculate a little more than "Golly Gee" as you continue to fuck me and my family in the ass. But I know full well you hate it when I raise my voice above a faint polite whimper.  You say..Be like a man...TAKE IT.....every inch of it.

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