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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Yes Virginia There Really Are Alternate Facts

Virgina, Santa is very real for you and many other children.  And you will find gifts under the tree from Santa just for you.

Virginia, your mom and dad believe so much in Santa and his overwhelming value in our culture as a symbol of generosity that their bank account takes a huge hit around Christmas Time

Virgina, even old baa-humbug Scrooge believes in Santa as epitomizing what's wrong with our culture--too many people looking for handouts
I have watched with amusement news commentators berating Trump for rank dishonesty in claiming Alabama was in the path of a storm.  Let us consider for a moment that homosexuality perforce remained largely underground for endless centuries..  

Argot: Slang or jargon peculiar to a particular group, esp (formerly) a group of thieves (Collins Dict),..  In short my friend while you rest in a state of naivety and are sure the strangers you met are discussing religion, they are in argot in your full hearing coordinating just how and when to rob you blind.

Someday if you have $10 to spend, I recommend you get this eBook (on Kindle)::PARTRIDGE, ERIC. Shakespeare's Bawdy (Routledge Classics). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.

For years very straight-laced people cooed that their privileged honor-level child is reading Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet.  I suggest that these parents get this book and wake-up to wordplay and stark naked reality.

The other day I included a video of commentary by Colonel Sanders.  Once he prepared chicken for some going on a boat ride.  Now "going on a boat ride" could have only a literal meaning obvious to all...Yet as a Mason he might be telegraphing an argot meaning truly understood only by Masons.

Let us say a female youth has the hottest hots for the essence of female candy--the boy next door.  Wednesday at prayer meeting all are impressed by her impassioned devotion during this song:


And of course we can't help but feel for the young man trying his very best to make a good impression on his gal's father:

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