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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Simple Integrity, Love, and Kindness Will Give Us Wings

I have always been convinced that love (equality/appreciation of specialness) and integrity lie at the very foundation of America.  Connie and I cannot escape from shopping at Walmart without being inundated with kindness and love--even when I do my best to confront management with the blustering bays of a jackass.

Of course, this results in generous hearts and deep commitment to God's grace--in other words,  the second chances we all need mutually extended---maybe, say, a thousand times before noon for each of us on any given day.

It is my hope and confidence that science will identify those impurities in the blood governing sodomite characteristics.  Equipment will be developed--not unlike dialysis blood filters for failed kidneys--that can result in complete reversal of those conditions.  The individual will then be set free for second chances.

However, in no way can society tolerate the sid-vicious and duplicitous nature of the disease--when we understand that children can be born with unspeakable deformities and lifelong impairments due to this practice--this alone will demand prohibition;,further, of course, are the implications regarding organizational dysfunction, tribalism, crime and civil strife and loss of all verities (including the simple recognition of reality)--BUT I hasten to add, THIS DOES NOT APPLY to youth seeking reinforcement of their masculinity in privacy with young male peers--I like the phrase "playing tarzan in the forest." (This MUST NEVER include buggery.)  In fact, when this mutual-display stage does not proceed as God intended, homosexuality becomes a huge threat due to lack of confidence in their masculinity (which can also result in life-long womanizing...something that could have been avoided for a lifetime in 15 minutes of playing Tarzan in the woods).

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