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Monday, September 2, 2019

MSNBC My Favorite Just Displayed a VERY SENTIMENTAL Softspot

If Nothing Else Trump Displays in High Relief what Others May Share in a More Conservative Manner.  He seems to have a bedrock base that is completely loyal NO MATTER WHAT.  Perhaps by studying Trump we can gain greater insight of those like him but many times more reserved.

For example, we have seen Trump enjoying painting a dark dark cynical view of ALL those outside his base be they blacks, immigrants, democrats., or even scientist, and those guided by best efforts to exercise objectivity.  In fact, his often charge of "fake news" even suggests to me that if news is not sufficiently dark, he would create a weekend of shootout  and mayhem with a little help from his friends.  For example, the recent killings in Texas seems almost to suggest a weekender of dark, dark tragic opera.  Just the ticket don't you think?

Click  the above link to suggest just what I mean

Don't you think that a few of your eye-witnesses shed a few too many alligator tears.   BOO HOO HOO ------

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