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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We Need Another Billy Graham

The biggest challenge of today is to turn America away from greed and towards God.  The biggest problem today is that people seek spiritual fulfillment from unspiritual things.  They expect money, power, wealth, or an institution (often government or business enterprise) to fill the need that only God can fill.  They turn the spiritual need for salvation into a quest for material salvation. They place their hope in mammon not manna. It is incumbent upon the church to reassert its role in society.  The hour is late.  Only God and his eternal values and spiritual gifts can save America from a shallow grave.  Dead civilizations warn that self-destruction is the consequence when one makes idols of things and worships them. It is not too late.  America has fallen asleep, it has not forgotten. Wake up America.  Turn to God. Our spiritual crisis makes our financial crisis.  Our spiritual crisis makes our corruption crisis. Our spiritual crisis makes our power crisis.  Our spiritual crisis leaves us rudderless.  It is not too late.  Turn to God.

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