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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dread in Computer Shops

Today (Monday) I was whipped by an issue.  I could not get several newly installed fonts to continue to appear in software dropdown font selections after a reboot.  This was the case even though after reboot they continued to appear elsewhere in the system’s list of installed fonts. It was a recurring problem—we had worked on the same issue periodically for several days.  The ultimate software fix is to re-image the computer.  In this procedure, the entire C: drive (including operating system) is erased and replaced by a previously built and saved image for that computer model. All software specific to the re-imaged computer (like specific printer drivers or special application software) has to be reinstalled.  For this reason, it is not the first solution that comes to mind; most often it is the last.   Software wipes and new installation comprise the ultimate solution for many device issues including weird problems with Blackberry phones and their synchronization with email software.  All these ultimate solutions share one deep emotion—dread.  Dread that the ultimate solution, despite its many pains, will be required.

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