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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A New Day

Today my brother Bob came by for a visit.  Tonight he is sleeping at our house, no great thing to mention except this is the first time he has ever done so.  The reason he has not done so before is very simple; my house was in no condition to invite visitors.  It was in too much of a mess.  But now since I’ve married Kathy everything is different.  We’ve had the bathroom and kitchen remodeled.  We have a new couch that lets out into a bed.  We have an ample supply of clean sheets, towels, and pillows.  All rooms are tidy and clean with many nice decorative touches to make a house a home.  For the first time, a welcome mat is out.  Kathy has made all this difference possible.  As I told Bob while at dinner at Olive Garden; putting my arm around Kathy I said “You don’t have to feel sorry for Wayne anymore.”  Like me, Bob finds the universe now in order. 

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