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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Today in Sunday School

Today’s lesson came from Luke 10:42 (TEV) The Lord answered, “Mary has chosen the right thing, and it will not be taken away from her.”  This initiated a wide ranging discussion of several issues.  One was the importance of placing priorities on the right things.  Mitch asked us to think of a Thanksgiving dinner that we really enjoyed.  It was likely one where everyone focused on enjoying everyone’s company—being a family—rather than being overly concerned with social correctness or putting up a front of perfection.  In all areas of life we need to keep it real and concentrate on genuine communication.  Kunte brought up the experience he had as a youth when he was bullied.  He said he feels like he is always under attack.  Mitch asked him to consider how he describes experiences.  To say that he is “always” under attack simply is not true.  He has many friends and is safe in many ways.  Kunte said that he took martial arts so that he could feel like he could defend himself.  It was mentioned that there are many kinds of strength not just physical.  We have all witnessed occasions where a tiny woman carriers herself in such a way that everyone knows that they had best not mess with her. There is character and spiritual strength.  And it was also mentioned that political leaders like presidents are constantly under attack.  Roughly half the country is of a different political party and can find nothing good in what the president does or says.  How do leaders under constant attack manage to keep a level head and a good attitude?  It comes down to not only physical rigor, but character and spiritual strength as well.  They have to be firmly committed and resolved to do their best despite heavy flak.

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