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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No Lover of Pain

Today, as for the past week, I have endured a stabbing pain in my right hip.  I have thought, “One more day and it will go away.  If I change the shoes I’m wearing, it will go away.”  But it doesn’t go away.  It only seems to get worse.  It interrupts my sleep.  It is a dull presence all day.  I have always felt that one should not go to the doctor at the slightest provocation.  One should not be an imaginary invalid.  I dread overmedication and medical procedures that are really not necessary.  But I am near capitulation.  I am almost ready to submit myself to the full MRI (which makes me claustrophobic).  I am almost ready to go through the insurance procedure of first getting an appointment with my general practitioner and then a referral to a specialist.  I am almost ready to be impressed once again by the miracles of modern medicine.  Acetaminophen alone seems to have met its match.

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