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Saturday, November 13, 2010

On Homosexuality

Following a discussion of the subject Friday, I feel that it is only fair that I make my views of homosexuality clear.  This view comes from no in depth research, but from personal experience.  In my view people go through several developmental stages.  If one does not move on from one stage to the next, we encounter arrested development and some consequent dysfunction.  Based on my experience, I have observed that males and females (though my experience was based primarily on masculine behavior) go through stages when they require self-affirmation from the same sex.  They develop best buddies and closest friends.  This is true during the puberty stage.  People then need, and I use the word intentionally, to garner a feeling that they are not only ok sexually, but are even admirable.  Same sex relations help accomplish this as males and females get to compare and show off their sexuality in the safe territory of same sex relations. (And it should be remembered that sexuality is so basic to our identity that having our sexuality affirmed is tantamount to the affirmation of our entire being.)  It’s a fair question--why do I state this with such certainty?  It is because I have been an observer of human behavior.  As a youngster I observed others with same sex interests.  In high school I’ve heard narratives of same sex relations of the display category.  I have personally experienced same sex displays.  I feel compassion for those people who did not get this affirmation during key stages when it was necessary and appropriate. I think many who are uptight about sex, especially homosexuality, have been so deprived.  They simply were denied for whatever reason a virtual developmental necessity.  Do I think people are born this way?—yes.  Do I think people are born homosexual?—No.  In my view it is the result of arrested development in this area. The denial of the developmental view of human nature is the cause of much deceit and shame.  People are often dishonest when it comes to their own experience and fantasies during their development years, so it makes those who are honest feel isolated.  Sexually derived shame and deceit are the source of much mischief in areas of human behavior seemingly remote from the immediate cause.  Truth is perhaps the first casualty; compromising the truth results in the cynical view that even denies the possibility of forthrightness and honesty.  Complete honesty and frankness is “just not done” in polite society.  We should remember that the devil rejoices in deceit and it is up to us to decide where our allegiance resides.

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