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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Political Drives

Since institutions are comprised of human beings, it is impossible to avoid the human element.  This means that politics is always present.  By politics I simply mean the play of personalities upon organizational influence, leadership or control.  One of the most elemental institutions is a jury.  Even in this transitory situation a leader is chosen and conflicting personalities and beliefs are navigated.  Other institutions are not immune.  Educational institutions are ripe for power machinations due to the interplay of administrators, teachers, students, parents, and other interested parties.  Work places are subject to the buzz of the human factor in nearly all its aspects.  In employing new employees, personality is a key consideration during the endeavor to find people with harmonious approaches, qualifications, attitudes, and values—a good “fit.”  Of course the Church is not exempt as it is necessary to fill hierarchical positions with people who are faithful representatives of the organization.  Since much of the work of the Church is done by volunteers, complex motivations other than money are called upon.  Government obviously has a political element as it attempts to embody diverse interests and views.  It is easy to condemn politics in all institutions public and private.  But one might as well believe in fairies as to imagine institutions without the steady presence of political drives.

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