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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day – A Personal Reflection

Once every so often, elected officials must ask voting citizens for their endorsement.  Those challenging elected officials must do the same.  Neither of them is appointed by God.  Neither ascends to the throne automatically by divine right.  Both must submit themselves to an unseemly and sometimes cruel process in which they are vilified by the public, pundits, and the opposition.  Even if they win, they become labeled as a “politician” meaning they are essentially sleazy, selfish, and dishonest.  There is no job security.  What kind of person would possibly submit themselves to this?  One could guess that they are power hungry control freaks were it not for the fact that even as elected officials their ability to control policy and events is severely limited.  They seldom get credit for good outcomes and always get blamed for bad.  They must give up their anonymity and privacy.  They must face nut cases, citizens who earnestly complain that there are not enough squirrels in their neighborhood.  My question is why would anyone want to become a politician?  My answer must be that God has placed it in their hearts.    

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