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Friday, November 12, 2010

Management Material

Today I heard someone express the opinion that they would not vote for anyone to be President if they did not feel they could push the nuclear button if necessary.  There must be in the presidential character an insentient thread of steel at the core.  This goes not only for presidential material, but for any manager as well.  A potential manager must convey the sense that they could pull the trigger if called upon.  By “pulling the trigger” I mean the ability to fire someone without regret; the ability to serve on pension committees and deny benefits to orphans and widows should that be allowed by policy; the ability to say “go pack sand” if a request seems unreasonable.  The ethics of management in the end boils down to having the will and temperament to be a mean ass when necessary.  The servant leader as exemplified by Jesus really has no place in management.  A manager must have the character to say “take up your swords” rather than “put away your swords” in times of crisis.  Crucifixion and martyrdom are incongruous with the management class.  Clearly, certain types of personalities and their requisite ethics are necessary to rule.  It takes a son of God to be an exception. Only then can a little child lead them.

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