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Friday, November 19, 2010

Moody Again

This evening I feel at home once again.  Moody radio once broadcasted from WKES in Saint Petersburg.  Then in the 90’s the station moved to Lakeland.  I could no longer receive the station reliably.  This week I got an Internet Radio with built-in WiFi.  I am at this moment listening to Moody from Chicago.  It is playing hymns.  I look forward to hearing many Bible based programs.  The station is much more politically conservative than me, but the Christian programs make me a loyal fan anyway.  I will sincerely miss hearing Pastor Cole’s call-in program from Chicago for Bible related questions.  He has retired since I have been without the station.  He knew the Bible thoroughly.  I once attended a service at Keswick where Pastor Cole preached.  He was a kind and empathetic man—the necessary conditions for great intelligence.

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